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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Amazing how the hunter, was hunted and eaten by two crocodiles

Crocodiles eat famous hunter

How are the mighty fallen, as the hunter became the hunted, following the sad incidence of a prolific hunter who was eaten by two crocodiles amid a game shooting tour in Zimbabwe.

Scott van Zyl, was man known for his brevity in gunning down several wild animals such as big cats, elephant and lions as he poses with animals he had mercilessly slaughtered, was last seen heading in the direction of the banks of the Limpopo River.

Late Van Zyl was on a trip with a pack of dogs along with a Zimbabwean tracker, who had taken a different route. Thus when the dogs got back to the camp without Mr. Van Zyl, an immediate search was put in place, as his absence caused some kind of suspicions. Later on, the hunter’s vehicle was, with his items found in the vehicle’s back.

While conducting the search, they found footprints on the river’s bank, with no sign of Van Zyl

Nevertheless, the secrete concerning his whereabouts emerged after the search team found two crocodiles with human parts in their belly.  

Sakkie Louwrens, a member of one of the search teams, said: “We found what could possibly be human remains in (the crocodiles).”

Thus, when a local conservation group did a DNA tests, it was confirmed that some of the material found inside the crocodiles belonged to Mr van Zyl.

The animal killer owned SS Pro Safaris, the website of which brags about killing everything from “elephants in Botswana to the smallest blue duiker in KwaZulu Natal”.

Mr van Zyl’s death is not the first major incident to occur on the banks of the Limpopo River - last year a 13-year-old boy was killed while fishing.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Neighbours invited to attend the wedding ceremony of Silver and Pedro

Silver weds Pedro

As we gradually approach this year’s summer season, the weather is becoming warmer, the day getting longer, flowers getting blooming, lambs are skipping around as the atmosphere is full of love.

 A lot of wedding bells ringing in different cities. The demand of one having his/her own big day becomes the order of the day amid the spring and summer seasons.

During the spring and summer months, it is not only humans that see the glamour of trying to tie the knot. A little gentleman named Brandy also said the time has come when his cat (Silver) should make the relationship with Pedro (another cat) which is owned by a lady called Vivian official.

The gentle man did not just stop there, but went an extra mile to invited people in the neighbourhood to participate the wedding of ceremony of Silver and Pedro (cats).

The gorgeous invite reads: "You are welcome to come to Silver (Brady's cat) wedding.

"Silver will be marrying Pedro (Vivian’s cat)."

There'll also be tuna cake, which we're not familiar with, but we assume is a feline delicacy.

A picture of the invite was posted on Reddit by its pleased recipient.

Brady continued: "Silver and Pedro are going to be dressed up nicely, but… If you do come you do not have to dress up nicely but you can if you want."

Having shared the invitation, others are now VERY intense for the neighbour to attend the wedding - and report back.

Amazingly, to the pleasure of everyone, he has agreed to go, saying: "Will post updates. Will dress fancy."

Saying, we are more excited about this wedding than we would be about our own.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

This heartbroken baby monkey seen weeping by her dead mum after being hit by a car

Baby monkey weeps for dead mum

Even animals can be heartbroken sometimes. This was the case of a heartbroken baby monkey which wept and clung onto its dead mother’s body after a car knocked her down.

This happened in Southern India when the monkey rushed its lifeless mother’s side while making attempts to revive her back to life, on the road side.

The animal’s behaviour made passers-by on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka National highway looked on in tears as the baby monkey whimpered and desperately clung to its mother.

According to K Saravanan: ‘Losing a loved one will be painful not just for human beings. Animals too mourn. We saw the young monkey weeping over the carcass of its mother.’

The monkey was eventually held back as police took the mother away to be cremated.

‘The baby monkey jumped from one tree to another tree and followed us when we carried the carcass,’ said G Sathyanarayanan.

Villagers conducted the final rites for the mother as the baby watched on from a distance.

Paulo Saulino desperate to have intercourse with a British man with bionic male organ, after she promised 19 million s3x jamboree last year

Italian model desperate to have sex with man who have bionic penis

A famous Italian model named Paulo Saulino who made a promise to engage in s3x act on over 19 million voters has announced how “great” it would be for her to express how skill she is on Mohammed Abad, who was given a bionic penis worth £70,000 in 2012.

According to the 27-year-old model, Mohammed's manhood might be "bigger and better" than the average p3nis and that they could have a "really fun experience" together.

Paola’s promise to give oral s3x to all who voted to reject constitutional reforms in Italy went viral on social last year.

Surprisingly in January, the model embarked upon her 'Pompa Tour' - 'Pompa' means 'pump' in Italian - to show she was a 'woman of her word'. A move which she said she was tired of, after pleasuring 400 men

“My goal is one million, I would love one million," she previously said.

As if that was not enough, the Italian model who hails from Naples, has announced her interest to meet Mohammed, from Edinburgh, Scotland, to "put her skills to use" on him.

She the Daily Star online that: "I think it would be great if I could put my skills to use on him. Maybe I can meet him in the UK when I do my tour."

She added: “I have never seen a bionic p3nis before. Maybe it will be bigger and better than a normal penis."

Mohammed, 44, was fitted with his eight-inch bionic penis on the NHS in 2012 after he lost his member in a childhood accident.

Ever since, several women from different part of the world have been making frantic efforts to have an intercourse with him. But because of his works which occupies him seven days every week, he has been able to accept any offer.

Mohammed's man-made organ has been fitted with tubes, which fill with liquid from his stomach when he presses a button in his testicles.

When asked if he would meet with Paola, Mohammed reportedly answered "yeah", adding: "I don’t say no to anything."

Monday, 13 March 2017

This drunk woman begged her drunk mates to break her legs

Drunk woman begs her drunk friends to breake her leg

Over the years, alcohol have been blamed for the misfeasance of many people, and some deaths on the high way after being given totally to drunkenness. And today here is a woman who allegedly told her friends to get her leg broken due to the influence of it.

After a couple of drinks, things that wouldn't cross your mind amid calm hours appear to wind up distinctly phenomenal thoughts.

'I reckon I could back flip off that wall you know?' *Swigs beer* 'I'm gonna do it - I'm back flipping off that fucking wall.' A couple of hours after the fact you wake up in healing center with a blackout, the most exceedingly awful ever headache and a heap of warnings in light of the fact that your mate transferred it to Facebook.

Fortunately, the greater part of these plastered mix-ups can be thought back on entertainingly in light of the fact that the results weren't excessively extreme.

The same can't be said for this trio of boozers, who were recorded breaking their mate's leg.

The female of the gathering purportedly figured out how to persuade her two male companions to bounce on her leg and break it, subsequent to sitting on an open seat getting pissed.

Abnormally, the two blokes thought this seemed like a crushing thought and went along. In the appalling film it demonstrates the lady laying her leg on the seat while one man holds her set up, and alternate bounced on it, abandoning it twisted the wrong way.

It's implied, however for the advantage of those ignorant, don't watch this in case you're at all piece nauseous.

After the man utilizes the fence for use and grounds on her leg, the lady, the man holding her, the seat and a couple bottles go flying.

The two chaps lift her up and sit her down on the recently situated seat, yet she's unmistakably in a great deal of torment, as you'd anticipate.

"People drink there near the entrance every summer, but someone having their leg broken - with their consent - that is something new and completely mad," an occupant told 

This man have spent over $50,000 just to become a genderless alien

Boy who spent over $50,000 to become genderless

Here is Vinny Ohh, who resides in Los Angeles wanting change to a ‘genderless’ extra-terrestrial, which has made Vinny to embark on more than 100 cosmetic surgeries. The next line of action is to get rid of the genitals, nipples and bellybutton, if only any surgeon willing to do it is found.

According to the 22-year-old make-up artist they are neither male nor female.

In the past five years, Vinny had gone through several plastic surgeries for up to 110 times. They started getting lip fillers aged only 17-years-old, before having two nose jobs and cheek and brow bone fillers.

Vinny also likes to wear black contact lenses to make them look more like an alien.

"I want to be a sexless alien being; I want my outside to reflect how I feel on the inside. The overall image I want to do is an alien. I want to be a hybrid, not male or female," he told Caters News Agency.

One of the most controversial things Vinny wants doing is for the genitals to be removed.

"I've wanted to be sexless and genderless since I was 17. I've been going to [the] doctors to see if it's possible but had no luck," Vinny explained. "I don't want people to think I'm trying to change into a woman. I could live without sexual organs so why should I have a penis or a vagina? I don't see why I shouldn't have my genitals completely removed and have nothing down there."

"So far, I've had $50,000 in skincare and procedures including two rhinoplasties, facial fillers in my lips, cheeks and brow bone all to look extra-terrestrial."

"I do kind of look like a Martian. I have a really big head, no eyebrows and I've just been connecting with that. When people ask me how I'd label myself, I tell them an 'extra-terrestrial, hot mess, self-obsessed' it's becoming my slogan."

"Over the years, I've realised I'm not gay, bi, trans or any of these things, I just want to be me. I do it to inspire the world in a certain way, I want people to stop labelling others or putting them in boxes."

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Well-dressed man supposedly going to work divert to River Thame to wash himself in dirty water

Man washing himself at River Thame

A well-dressed gentle man caught everyone’s attention with a great surprise as he was captured in a video clip, as he completely stripped himself naked to have himself washed on the bank of River Thames in London.

According to eye witnesses, the man in question is alleged to be on his way to work when he got himself stripped off his birthday suit in front of the river.

He actually started taking up the muddy water and pouring it over himself - while giving himself a good scrub.

The incident kept commuters dumbfounded immediately they sighted him as he picked a bit of the southern bank of the Thames near the Woolwich Ferry for his early dip, at around 9am on Tuesday.

One of the workers, whose identity cannot be disclosed, said: "I've been getting the Woolwich Ferry to work for 15 years and I've never seen anything like this before.

"The bloke walked up, wearing normal, smart work clothes.

"Bold as brass he stripped off everything and started washing himself in the river.

"He was stood there as if he was on Malibu Beach in the middle of summer, not the grotty south bank on a miserable March morning.

"It was hilarious - he was just scooping water up with a can and pouring it over himself."

After washing himself for about ten minutes, the unidentified man dried himself off. After which he put on his cloths again and left the river bank, across the boggy silt which made his legs and trousers dirtier than they were before, according to a witness.

The red-faced witness added: "I was embarrassed for him - I think everyone that saw him was.

"It was pretty funny though - I've never seen anything like this before.
"It's just crazy. Especially because he looked like he was on his way to work."

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

ARGENTINA: workers in a children hospital capture ghost of a baby in camera

Child ghost in children hospital

Incredible as hospital workers claim to have seen and recorded the ghost of a young child as it hides behind a bed which was left out in a passage. Saying that the ghost was videoed by a nurse, and narrated how she sighted the creepy spectra of a child, as it look out from behind the bedsheets wrapped over the cot.

Despite and the narrations made by the nurse who claimed to have seen the ghost, which supposedly occurred at Cordoba Children's Hospital in Argentina, so many persons still find it difficult to believe the nurse’s claim and the purported video clip.

Though some persons who watched the clip agreed with the nurse as they also claimed to have seen threatening shadow to the right hand side of the cot.

Also, employees at the hospital say the corridor connects to wards that used to be used by children and believe the spooky presence is the soul of a child who died in room 500.

The corridor is now mainly deserted and not used as the main part of the hospital.

The 'ghost of 500' was allegedly spotted over ten times by different staff members in just a few hours.

Other employees’ say they have placed balloons on the bed and witnessed them bursting, as if by themselves.

More so, Parents of sick children at the hospital have also claimed they have spotted a small figure sitting on the bed.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Aliens and Titanic actor Bill Paxton dead at 61 due to complications from surgery

Actor Paxton dead

Famous American actor Bill Paxton who acted films such like Aliens, Titanic, Apollo 13 and Twister – has been confirmed dead by members of his family on Saturday. Paxton reportedly died of complications from surgery.

While announcing the late actor’s death during a press statement made public on Sunday, family members termed Paxton as a "beloved and prolific actor and filmmaker" whose "illustrious career" spanned four decades.

His family said: "It is with heavy hearts we share the news that Bill Paxton has passed away due to complications from surgery."

His family also included: "Bill's passion for the arts was felt by all who knew him, and his warmth and tireless energy were undeniable."

Late Paxton was starring as a detective in the US TV series Training Day, at the time of his death which is a follow-up to the 2001 film that starred Denzel Washignton and Ethan Hawke.

He is survived by his wife of almost 30 years, British painter Louise Newbury, and two children, James, 23, and Lydia, 19.

Paxton’s son James is also an actor and currently stars in the TV programme Eyewitness, while his daughter is a student at Duke University in North Carolina.

Mr Paxton, who lived near Los Angeles and kept a low profile away from work, spotted his future wife on a street in London in 1982 when she was 17 and followed her onto a bus to speak to her. They married after a five-year courtship.

He told Los Angeles Magazine in 2010: "She knew me when I was struggling. She was a student.

"We met on a bus in London. I’ve seen her give birth. I was with her when her father died. Then we mixed our blood watching these two kids grow up."

It was his second marriage. His first, to Kelly Rowan, ended in divorce in 1980 after less than a year.

Tributes poured in for the versatile actor as news of his death spread on social media and Hollywood stars gathered in Los Angeles for Sunday night's Academy Awards.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

EuroMillion winner and single mum of four says she will not give a penny to her ex

EuroMillion winner Beverly

37-year-old single mum of 4 who gather up the of £14.5 EuroMillions jackpot has stated in strong terms  that her ex would not be given any penny from her, as she narrates her fairy tale rags-to-riches journey in life.

At the moment, she has moved to a hotel and abandoned her council house. And also gone to view posh houses with an estate agent in order to depict her new level to the world.

She even went as far as telling tell her ex that he wasn’t getting a penny of her massive win.

“I’ll always be skint!” he admitted.

Beverley’s Euromillions winning numbers were 25, 19, 33, 36, 48 and the Lucky Stars were 2, 9.

As the mum - who has three boys, aged 17, 10 and 9 and a girl aged five - gave a press conference, three cars arrived at her Shipley council home in West Yorkshire, to clear it out.

After splitting from her partner seven months ago she had shed three stone with Slimming World.

Upon winning the lottery, she immediately rang benefits office telling them that she is no longer in need of the £400 weekly.

She said: “I rung the inland revenue (sic) this morning to say that my circumstances had changed and she said, ‘How come?’ and I said ‘I’ve won the Euros.’

“She was like, ‘Oh, how lovely, congratulations!’ When I told her how much she went quiet. I thought the phone had gone dead.

“I said, ‘Hello are you still there?’ I think she nearly dropped the phone.”

But Beverley became tearful as she explained: “It’s overwhelming to know that I’m never going to have to struggle again. It’s just come at a right nice time. I’ve been there like most people. I’ve struggled.

“I’ve spent many a night with depression, wondering what would happen to my children, especially when they are older. Now I don’t have that worry.”

Beverley said: “My son’s a runner. He ran out of school across the road...I would get phone calls to sort him out if he was not coping. It’s taken its toll on me.”

She says her priority is a new home so each child has their own room instead of being crammed into their council house.

The most expensive house in Shipley currently is a seven-bed house worth £800,000.

Beverley said: “We live in a three bed house and there are five of us. It has been crammed for them.

“It will be good to have their own space, their own room and a nice garden in a nice area. I’m not going to change their schools though.

“To be honest I’m still in a whirlwind. I still haven’t got my head round it. I don’t know what I’m going to spend the money on or who I am going to help.

“But obviously people are going to be benefit from it. I won’t be keeping it all to myself.”

“The main thing is that my children are going to be fine,” Bev added. “You pay it forward, don’t you?’

But it’s not likely to directly benefit her ex, Sean Priestley who boasts of his skill as a freehand tattooist.

The 48-year-old dad to three of her children, wrote on Facebook: “My ex has won the lottery from Last week ...shes already assured me I will never see a penny so please don’t ask me to have a word see if I can borrow owt or Invest in anything...its nothing to do with me I am n probably always will be skint.”

When asked about the news later he was sat on his doorstep smoking a roll-up he said: “I’m thrilled, chuffed to bits for her. It’s not my money. The kids are financially secure for the future.”

Narrating how she found out about the big win, Bev said earlier: “I woke up Saturday morning and checked the EuroMillions and saw there was one UK winner.

“I was still waking up when I logged into my account. I could see the jackpot amount but couldn’t work out what I’d won. Then I slowly realised it was one UK winner and that that person was me.

“It was taking a very long time to sink in. I jumped out of bed and ran into my son’s bedroom and babbled. ‘I’m a millionaire’.

“All he said was, ‘What you on about?’ I collapsed on the floor and started crying and shaking.”

She said the teenager’s main response was to ask for £3 million and a new phone.

Bev added: Yes, really awkwardly“It was crazy, my head was spinning and nothing made any sense,” Bev said.

“I rang my mum who was in the shower and she didn’t believe me - it’s just been a rollercoaster. She thought it was a hoax.”

She explained: “I’m not used to spending money on myself, it all goes on the kids.”

Bev included: “It was a brilliant weekend, we stayed in a four star hotel, ate off the ’a la carte’ menu and drank £25 bottles of wine.”

Bev said: “I got charms for my children, for love and family and for my new wealth. One says ‘Sometimes you have to fall before you can fly’.”

Bev added: “It’s been a struggle financially but now I can be debt free. Before all my money went on the children and I went around in rags.”

Bev said: “I’m still waiting for someone to say it’s not real and burst my bubble.”

Her neighbours said they were thrilled describing Bev as a “good mum”.

Neighbour Kirsty Naismith, 33, said: “When I saw what was going on I phoned Bev and asked ‘Are you moving out?’

“Bev said ‘I may as well tell you that I’ve won £14.5 million’. I couldn’t believe it and did a lot of swearing.

“What she has not taken she is going to give to charity.

“I am so pleased for her. She is a good mum, who has really struggled to look after he kids alone. Like all of us, she could not afford a lot of things like clothes for herself.”

Scarlett Brockhill, 25, said: “I’m in shock, but good on Bev. You can’t blame her for moving out of this place as quickly as she can.”

But mum Bev promised: “I’m going to keep it normal.”

Friday, 24 February 2017

37-year-old single mum who lives on £400 weekly wins £14.5m Euromillions

Single mum wins Euromillion

Suffering and all manner of struggling ends for a single mum of 37 after she won a whopping sum of £14.5 million after participating in Euromillions.

Bev Doran expressing how overwhelmed she is said "I'm never going to have to struggle again". The 37-year-old mum is now set to move from her council house in Shipley, West Yorkshire, to a bigger home for her children, two of whom are autistic.

The lucky mum about two years ago let go of her job in order to cater for her family and has since been struggling to survive.

She said her five-year-old daughter and her youngest son, nine, have been diagnosed with autism and another son, 10, is being tested for the condition.

Her oldest son, who is 17, has already asked if he can have £3m - a request she said she turned down.

Ms Doran said she had struggled to live on benefits of about £400 a week and laughed as she recalled how the call handler at the benefits office nearly dropped the phone when she rang to tell them her "circumstances had changed".

Ms Doran said: "I've been there like most people. I've struggled. It's overwhelming to know that I'm never going to have to struggle again.

"To be honest, I'm still in a whirlwind, I still haven't got my head round it.

"I don't know what I'm going to spend the money on and I don't know who I'm going to help.

"But, obviously, people are going to benefit from it. I won't be keeping it all to myself. The main thing is that my children are going to be fine.

"I've spent many a night with depression wondering what would happen to my children, especially when they're older. Now I don't have that worry."

She said she is looking for houses in the same area and is keen to get a holiday home.

China introduces real life robot to detect crime, fire and also give people direction when they miss road

Chinese Robot Police Officer

China at it again, as they have now introduced real life ‘Robocop’ called robot police officer which has the ability to identify criminals, find fires and also give someone directions to the loo.

Amazingly, robot police does not get tired at all nor need any break, as it can be on a 24 hours patrol whenever there is a need for it.

The robot police officer is known as Anbots, and presently patrol the streets of China to keep it safe from criminal activities, fire incidents etc.

As reported by Science Times, the robot can act as 'sheriffs' with their built in facial recognition software which can help track suspects wanted by police.

'Robocop' can also give you directions if you are lost or looking for a specific location and can spot fire emergencies. And also able to monitor air temperature and quality.

The robots stand at around 1.6 metres tall and moves by itself using a series of voice commands and cameras.

Anbots have been stationed at the Zhengzhou East Railway Station in Henan to test their effectiveness when it comes to assisting the public.

Further developments of the robot include its ability to detect threatening situations and an 'anti-riot tool' which can be used to help control hostile crowds.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

It will surprise you how this woman married her house just to avoid being evicted

Woman marries house

This was a week full so many intrigues as a 43-year-old lady got married to her rented house just to ensure she does not lose it to anyone, including the landlord.

Her action was hatched after she discovered that the house had been put for sale in the property market, which automatically mean her being evicted from the building.

According to sources, the lady was also saving dearly to have the property bought. But because the money saved so far was nowhere close the sales price, she decided improvise the fake wedding to scale herself through.

During a press chat journalists, she explained to the the Mirror: ‘I had a ceremony. I put my dress on.

‘I don’t care – I have a method in my madness. I don’t care if people think I’m a nutter.

You would have to take me kicking and screaming from this house.’

Also, after making some effort to launch a Crowdfunder in order to enable her realize the £400,000 for the building, unfortunately, all she has been able raise so far was just £56

When asked about her relationship status now, Deborah said: ‘I am single but I do have a man in my life.

‘Norman is a man – he’s got a man’s spirit – and he looks after us. I think houses do have spirits sometimes.’

In January, she was blasted by Philip Schofield on This Morning for spending £2,800 in benefits on her children’s Christmas presents.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Eagles are being trained by French Airforce to intercept drones

France trains eagles to detect drone

French government to introduce new innovation as it moves to condition eagles to take part of their strategy to improve air safety in and around the country’s airspace due to several threats being posed by drones.

According to sources, the French Airforce is beginning to condition eagles to see drones as prey as a result of worries over the use drones in the country.

The eagles are being trained to stop drones mid-flight if they are found to be security risk. And are being trained before their eggs are being hatched. Part of the training is that the eagle’s eggs would be placed on drones to get them prepared and young chicks feeding from them

If at the end of any operation they are successful, the eagles would have some pieces of meat awarded to them, for a job well done. Therefore, for any operation to be successful, they must be able to bring one of the battery-charged units down from the sky.

There has serious worries concerning drones in France, because of how they are being seen hovering above a sensitive military base in Brittany and the presidential palace in Paris.

Thus, legislation restricting the usage of drones in urban areas of France has been brought in.

Dutch police have also trained eagles in the technique for catching drones.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Jane Park who won EuroMillion at age 17 threatens to sue lotto company for allowing her to win

Jane Park

21-year-old British millionaire Jane Park cries out years after winning EuroMillions, as she accuses the lottery company for ruining her life.

Jane was only 17 years old when she won the lottery and is threatening a legal action against the company for allowing a girl of her age to participate in such a lottery that totally transformed her financial life, saying that the company was negligent.

According to her, the financial fortune has made her life miserable, as she cannot find true lover to settle with, tired of shopping for designers and cannot no longer contain the stress of being a millionaire.

Jane, speaking in the same week she pleaded not guilty in her home city of Edinburgh to a charge of drink ­driving at a McDonald’s, said: “At times it feels like winning the lottery has ruined my life.

“I thought it would make it ten times better but it’s made it ten times worse. I wish I had no money most days. I say to myself, ‘My life would be so much easier if I hadn’t won.’

“People look at me and think, ‘I wish I had her lifestyle, I wish I had her money.’ But they don’t realise the extent of my stress.

“I have material things but apart from that my life is empty. What is my purpose in life?”

Jane also said: “I think 18 should be the minimum age for winning the ­lottery, at the least. The current age of 16 is far too young.”

Back in 2013, Jane was a giddy 17-year-old toasting her win with Scottish fizzy pop Irn Bru because she was too young for champagne.

Jane said: “My nana Anne told me, ‘You might as well have given me a gun.’ I was like, ‘Nana, what are you talking about? This is the best thing ever?’ But now I totally agree.

“She was saying you can’t give a 17-year-old that amount of money.”

Though Camelot, who run EuroMillions in the UK, employed an ­adviser to help Jane ­manage her new wealth.

But then Jane, who now owns two properties and calls herself a developer, maintains it was only advice from family members that stopped her wasting all the money.

She said: “I’ve read about other lottery ­winners who’ve just blown it all and I can totally see how it can be done.

“I was stuck in front of a financial adviser who was using words like ­investment bonds. I had no clue what they meant.”

The young millionaire splashed out on treats such as the Louis Vuitton handbag she still carries. She also bought a chihuahua, Princess, who didn’t last quite so long.

Jane said: “My dog stays with my auntie but I still go and see her.

“At the time there was too much going on. She didn’t like my car and I didn’t have time for her.”

The £18,000 purple Range Rover, also failed to bring happiness. Jane sighed and said: “It was flashy and people were always looking at me. But it was far too big.”

“I don’t go on holiday that much, about four times a year,” she said. “I wait until my friends can go.

“And although I’ve been to the Maldives I much prefer Benidorm because nobody is looking down at you. You can get as drunk as you want. In the Maldives, you can’t go and get absolutely hammered.”

The 18-month-old relationship she was into went soured last year. She said: “I’ve had s**t relationships and it’s left me with a massive guard up. With the last one, I ­showered him with gifts. I thought it would make him happy.

“I bought him a Rolex, a car, clothes every week. I regret it all.”

Jane admitted to have a faintness for shoes and bags. And she says: “There’s no point in going shopping all the time, you can only order so much. I get sick of it.”

Jane, who calls herself “Jane Sexual Park” on Twitter, also had £4,500 breast implants when she was 18 and said if surgeons permits her, she would like to have more work done.

“I wanted a quick fix for was my weight but when I spoke to a surgeon he said I wasn’t overweight enough to have liposuction,” she moaned.

She gets irritated by thick online trolls. She said: “It’s the usual stuff – ‘You’re fat, you’re ugly.’

“The worst was when I said I’d pay for the travel insurance for a young boy who was sick to go to Florida, and a couple of folk said I was just doing it for publicity.”

On the other hand Jane can still depend on  support from her brothers and sisters – Roxanne, 27, Billy, 19, Gavin, ten and Bradley, one.

She said: “They think my win’s ­amazing. They’re very supportive of me. But they are very protective too.”

Jane has moved back into a small flat with her mum who does everything for her, including her laundry.

But she said: “It’s scary how ­different my life is from my friends’. When they say they’re stressed about money they mean their wages are s**t.

“There’s no one in the same boat as me, no-one who really understands. I feel like I’m a 40-year-old.”

A Camelot spokesman said: “An independent financial and legal panel was set up shortly after Jane’s win and we put her in touch with another ­winner, who won at the same age, to share their experience.

“We have been in touch with Jane from time to time since her win to ­offer ongoing support. It is always up to the winners as to ­whether they want to take up that support.

“We will continue to support Jane in any way we can if that is what ­decides she wants.”

According to Camelot the minimum age limit to play the lottery is a matter for Parliament to decide on.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

One of world’s most poisonous king cobra caught with bare hand by a snake catcher

Man catches king cobra with bare hands

Upon sighting the venomous cobra close to their residential homes, villagers immediately made a call to the snake catcher to get it out of the environment. Surprisingly, when the catcher came, he encouraged them saying pal "Don’t worry, these snakes are not as fast as smaller ones”

During the process, Atiwit Labyosthannasi took video clip of the event as the cobra was being picked up with his bare hands despite the fact that it is confirmed to the world’s poisonous cobra.

King cobra is a species of venomous snake endemic to Asia, and is found predominantly in and around forests.

It is the world's longest venomous snake, and can grow to 5.5 metres in length.

The king cobra is a dangerous snake that has a frightening reputation in its range, even though it typically avoids confrontation with humans when possible.

During the process, the snake’s loud “growling” hiss was beng heard - a characteristic which is part of its attack mechanism.

Also, the snake catcher was being heard asking his companion to “go to the head end” before comforting him by adding: "Don’t worry, these snakes are not as fast as smaller species”

After a long period of exhausting the snake it was subdued and the catcher was able to place it in a special bag for transportation to a wildlife sanctuary.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Woman breastfeeds piglet in the public during a TV interview

Woman breastfeeds pig

An interviewee stuns a reporter with her bizarre lifestyle by breastfeeding a pig during a live interview with the journalist, while asking people in San Juan de Lurigancho, in Lima, Peru, about the progress of their various businesses and how heavy rains and flood affects them.

Along the line, the journalist met with the farmer who breeds and sold pigs to butchers, told the journalist how she managed to rescue her animals. And further demonstrated to interviewer that she had one of the piglet with her.

Nonetheless as she lifted the animal up to her chest, the woman then made the bizarre decision to lift up her top in front of the rolling cameras and place the pig on her breast.

The America Television cameraman immediately flipped the camera away, onto the faces of bewildered locals who appeared to laugh nervously at the bizarre sight.

The journalist was later able to put the situation under control and walked away from the woman and continued her report on the overflowing river.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

A lady from Oregon got her ball python stuck into her earlobe

Python stuck on earlobe

Ashley Glawe owner of a ball python was forced to seek urgent medical attention after her pet snake named Bart stuck somewhere annoying.

Sadly – for Ashley and for Bart – the tricky little man chose to squirm into his proprietor's sizeable ear puncturing. One of those huge ones that a few people like to have.

The inquisitive snake figured out how to solidly wedge itself in Ashley's correct earlobe. Ashley, from Oregon in the US, had been playing with Bart without her gems in, and the snake thought it may be enjoyable to pop its head through the empty opening.

Ashley shared photographs of her issue on Facebook. She expressed: "Before I even knew what was going on, it was already too late."

What was at first a significant entertaining circumstance went bad when Ashley acknowledged Bart couldn't fit his whole body through, however was not able invert retreat once more. She then headed to ER .

Ashley snapped the photos while holding up in the medical specialist's office and stated: "BY FAR one of my CRAZIEST life moments! Went to the Emergency Room because my Ball Python decided to get STUCK in my gauged earlobe!

Fortunately, Ashley's specialist could expel Bart from Ashley's ear cartilage.

"They numbed up my ear and used string to pull and stretch it out more so that they could get him out without hurting him,” Ashley clarified on her Facebook post. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Will you spend £180,000 just to alter your God's given sex and still not be satisfied?

Transgender Kelly

Read what kelly has been going through after spending so much to change gender from male to female.

In the wake of spending an amazing £180k on surgery to wind up distinctly an attractive lady, Kelly Star says she is battling to make men consider her to be more than only an indulgence. The transgender Model, Kelly, from Perth, Australia has been single for over 12 years after her last relationship finished in 2005.

Since transitioning 30 years back Kelly has experienced 127 operations to change her appearance, including 19 operations on her breasts, going from glass measure 32C to a 32K.

Despite the fact that she is battling to discover the affection for her life, the 46-year-old says her well-proportioned figure-which she displayed on any semblance of Elle MacPherson and Gisele Bundchen-implies she is never shy of male consideration.

Kelly, who was 20-years of age when she experienced sex reassignment surgery, says: "For most guys, being with a trans-woman might be something that they're intrigued by and they just want to be with you once, which is disheartening.
"It's hard to find a man who is willing to tell their mates and family that they have a trans-partner, and I think that's the last barrier to trans-women being accepted.

"I think it takes a very strong man to openly date a trans-woman, because they do get a lot of stick from others, and I think that comes from the way we have been presented in the media.

"When attitudes to dating improve, that's going to really help transgender people."

Kelly's says her ex-partner's family only discovered she was a trans-woman when the couple broke up.

The model, who has spent over £100k on operations on her breasts, says: "Me and my ex were together from 2000, but most of his friends and all of his family only discovered I was a trans-woman when we broke up.

"At the time, I think I was happy not to have to explain my past and enjoyed the experience, to an extent. It's what I thought I wanted.

"But in time I grew more confident in myself and realised that it wasn't an ideal situation worrying about who might reveal my past or who may already know.

"In essence, I felt repressed."

Kelly was originally born a boy named Michael, Kelly was the youngest of six siblings. And was raised by parents, Paul and Sonia, now 81 and 79, and attended a Catholic school.

Kelly has gone under the knife in the UK, America, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia in her quest to obtain her dream body, saying: "The look I've wanted has been hard to achieve.

"It's taken over twenty years and I've had at least 127 surgeries.

"Sometimes surgeries haven't gone to plan or as well as I hoped, so there have been some setbacks.

"Over the last 28 years, I've had 19 operations on my breasts, as I've increased my cup size from a 32C to a 32K.

"While most of the operations went well, a couple of overseas procedures were botched, which meant I had to spend money to correct it in Australia."

Cost of surgery
Breasts - £108,000
Sex reassignment (including vaginal surgery) - £18,000
Hips/legs/bottom injections - £18,000
Lips - £15,000
Cheeks - £6,000
Nose - £4,800
Eyes - £1,200
Removal of silicone - £9,000

Total: £180,000

Breakdown of 127 surgeries
19 - Breast operations
44 - Permanent procedures on lips
25 - Silicone injections in hips, legs and bottom
20 - Silicone injections in cheeks
10 - Sex reassignment surgery including revisions
2 - Noses jobs
2 - Eyes
1 - Silicone removed from cheeks

4 - Silicone removed from hips and bottom

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

27-year-old Model Paola Saulino who promised over 19m voters says she is tired after pleasuring 400, but said she will try and keep to her word

Model Paola

Paola Saulino aged 27, who told 19.4 million voters that she play s3x act laments how tired she is after the first 400, nevertheless, she insisted that she will keep on at minimum ONE MILLION.

Charming Paola Saulino, 27, is still resolved to demonstrate she is a "lady of her word" subsequent to finishing the primary leg of her alleged "Pompa Tour" to "thank" everybody who voted "No" in an Italian referendum .

"Pompa" implies pump in Italian – and is slang for the sex demonstration she is putting forth to the "No" voters.

Paola made the strange vow as she felt so firmly against established changes set forward by previous Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

At the point when 59% of the electorate voted to dismiss the adjustments in November, the vast majority anticipated that the yearning performer would backtrack.

Be that as it may, Paola - who is initially from Napoli yet lives in Los Angeles - quickly reported the 10-date Pompa Tour subsequent to disclosing to her fans: "I am a woman of my word".

The foremost leg commenced in Rome on January 7 and finished in Palermo on January 21. And now she has declared a moment leg - with 11 more dates - beginning in Foggia this Wednesday.

Also, she now says: "My objective is one million, I would love one million."

The Daily Star addressed Paola only about the requests of more than once playing out the sex act on strangers - when she conceded she encountered "stress" and "tiredness". It also included she is healthy and has not sustained any wounds.

Paola likewise uncovered the demonstrations are performed in a private room and that she "sometimes asks for a time out".

Paola revealed to The Daily Star: "I choose if the person needs to wear condom or not.

"if I don’t want him to, that’s okay I choose.

"Nobody has complained to sar."

According the model she has been able to pleasure over 400 "No" voters the nation over up until this point.

She additionally told how one man "started to cry to me I am sorry I am too shy".

"“I tried to do my best but after a couple of minutes he decided to go away because he didn't feel comfortable," she included.

Applications for a place on the Pompa Tour are required to be made ahead of time by email.

Somewhere in the range of 10,000 who beforehand connected for the primary leg got a booking code and an address for the occasion - if approved - where they needed to line up.

The following towns on the visit will begin (on February 1) Foggia, Campobasso, Latina, Positano, Catanzaro, Salerno, Cagliari, Bodduso, Cannigione, Purfugas, Catania and Bomarzo (finishing on March 8).