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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Win N250,000 in the Akwa Ibom Government Logo Design Competition 2017

Akwa Ibom State

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How to apply

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Niger Delta ‘oil thieves’ said they want the government to give them recognition and legalise their crude oil refining activities

Niger Delta oil thieves

At last after several years of attacks and counter attacks between Niger Delta ‘oil thieves’ the boys have come out to state clearly what they want.

During a press interview with Sky News, the boys narrated how they are desperately fight to be recognised as legitimate and bring a lasting solution to the grave environmental pollution their activities are causing the volatile region.

According to Sky News, one of the Niger Delta kingpin operating in the creeks identified as Emo, stated how about 2,000 people of the region are being employed by him: "There are no jobs. We have nothing to do. You understand?

"That is why we are seeking help. We are begging for the government to assist us. You understand? We know what we're doing is wrong but we have no option."

During the press coverage with Sky, Emo admitted to the reporters that, it is not he was not aware of the effect their activities have on oil prices globally and locally, however, him and his workers feel the only alternative to survive is to steal oil.

"We are desperate," he said. "We have no jobs and no future."

Emo travels to different places with heavily armed guards to protect him from his enemies and other oil thieves.

Also the journalists were taken to one of Emo’s camps in Rivers State via speedboat, which is about 19 miles from Port Harcourt.

This area is lawless and kidnapping is rife.

Though Sky News crew went with their own security guards, Emo still went on to assure them all of his own personal guards who are hidden all over the mangrove swamps as they watch them arrive.

"They know me. They will not attack us," he said.

The only Nigerian navy boat, which is patrolling the waterways long before they reach Emo's illegal refinery, stopped them and demanded them to hand over all their fuel to them.

Despite a well-vaunted military campaign to put a stop to the illegal activities here, corruption is apparent and part of the problem.

“As we approach the illegal refineries, we see a plume of smoke indicating others are burning the crude.”

“Many of the thieves have stopped daytime burning to avoid being attacked by the Nigerian military.”

However, the government-authorised crackdown does not stop the stealing. It only sets them back for a short time.

"We have been attacked," Emo said. "It causes a lot of oil spillage and then we just start up again."

His audacity is quite astounding, so much that, he was asked by a member of the crew repeatedly about him being so outspoken about his illegal work and he replies: "I don't care. What can they do to me?

"I want to become legal. I want the government to say we can be legal and do this legally."

The damage to the area is extensive with oil everywhere, coating the mangrove swamps, all over the water and washing much further down the Delta polluting water supplies for thousands of others downstream.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Akwa Ibomites finally bolstered Monday's nationwide protest against President Buhari's bad regime

Nationwide protest against Buhari's failure

After withdrawing from the nationwide protest against the Buhari led federal government’s failure to fix the challenges of the nation which it had hitherto promised to do during the electioneering campaign which made Nigerians to believe he was the sent ‘Messiah’, the people of Akwa Ibom State finally join the historic protest on Monday afternoon.

Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt were some of the hot cities where the protest took place.

According to report, the Uyo protest was cancelled by Concerned Citizens who initiated the event with Tuface.

However, later in the day, at about 1.15pm a different group of Nigerians in the state, mobilised some persons to come out for the protest in order not to leave the state behind in the protest against the hardship being inflicted on Nigerians by the present administration.

The Uyo protest was led by a young lawyer named Toyo Jimmy under the auspices of One Voice Nigeria, in the state.

Speaking to pressmen, Jimmy stated that “Nigerians are suffering, and there are no clear-cut policies and programmes from the government to address the problems in this country. Instead, things are getting worse.”

“We are sending a clear message to the federal government that the Nigerian youth are hungry. We need a change that this government promised us,”

One of the protesters named Endiong John said that “I am sponsored by hunger. I am sponsored by the pains I go through every day.”

Another protester, Jonathan Akpan, told PREMIUM TIMES that he graduated two years ago from the department of Educational Technology, University of Calabar, and that he was tired of going around dropping applications in several places without getting any response.

“I have a strong feeling that this protest could bring about something good,” Mr. Akpan said.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Former minister told Vice President of Nigeria that he was wrong to have said Niger Delta oil will dry up in about 30 years

Vice President Osibanjo

Vice President Osibanjo’s visit to the Niger Delta hit the brick as various stakeholders from the region expresses disagreement with him in various ways.

Following the vice president’s comment which states that oil in Nigeria in the region would dry in about 20 to 30 years’ time, one time Minister of State for Education, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, has told the VP that oil well in the Niger Delta won't become scarce in the following 100 years.

In his response, the ex-Minister depicted Osinbajo's remark as political with no foundation, as he stressed that those in government must look for data where they don't have such.

Also while addressing journalists in Abuja, Gbagi likewise scowled at Osinbajo's visit to Olu of Warrior, His Majesty, Ogiame Ikenwoli and not going to Urhobo land.

Claiming that the federal government underestimated the general population of Urhobo for not going to the zone which was the hob of gas generation in the country.

Gbagi charged that the refusal of the Vice President to visit Ughelli in Urhobo land, was a replay of what occurred in 1971 when the then Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon booked a visit to the land however the secretary, an Itsekiri did not permit the visit to emerge.

As indicated by Gbagi, “While we are looking for peace, the sensibility of Urhobo people should not be taken for granted, the Urhobo people have been taken for granted for too long in the scheme of things.

“A similar situation happened in 1971 when Gowon was to visit Midwest which is now Delta, the Secretary then was an Iteskiri man and they crafted a similar visit to exclude the Urhobo nation, it is on record that Urhobos hold the bedrock of gas company, that is the major source of electricity in Nigeria today, not to talk of all the oil wells, pipelines across the entire Urhobo nation. Urhobos being the 4th largest nationality in Nigeria have been for sometimes now neglected and relegated to the background because of their peaceful nature.

“While it appears that trouble makers get greater reward in Nigeria, the school of violence, agitations does not belong to any ethnic group. I see the visit of the Vice President as irresponsibly put together as it is not in the interest of the much desired peace; I congratulate the Orodje of Okpe Kingdom and all those who walked out from that gathering of shame.

“I was reliably informed that the Programme which originally was to see the Vice President’s visit to Gbaramatu, the Olu of Warri and the visit to Ughelli where the oldest traditional ruler, the Owhorode of Olomu who is 100 years resides, to host all the traditional rulers in conjunction with a meeting with the Vice President, was truncated by the governor of the State and the deputy.

“We should root for genuine peace to support the good initiative of Mr. president and stop playing lip service or waste the economic base of Nigeria.

“Quoting the Vice President, at least 97% of the economy today is rested on oil and gasj his claim that oil will soon finish or dry up is a political statement without foundation, the gas situated on Otolobo at least will last for another 100 years, tax payers’ money earners like the Vice President and persons in government must seek information where they don’t have them and stop heating the polity.

“I will grant a statement on the second year of the administration in Delta as I have done in all previous governments. Urhobos will make our position known to the government at the Centre.

“The visit of the Vice President is meaningless, made no statement; it is akin to a personal visit to the Olu of Warri as there is no policy statement from the government addressing the issues at hand.”

Monday, 2 January 2017

President Buhari is not sincere with the Niger Delta issues - MEND


It appears that the reality of the degree of the insensitivity of the Buhari led federal government is beginning to hit the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) as their expectations are being cut-off each day.

Scarcely a year after the MEND gave its outright support for the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari, the movement on Sunday pulled back their support for the administration.

The representative of the obsolete activist group, Jomo Gbomo, expressed this in an electronic proclamation issued on Sunday where it passed a vote of no confidence on the central government, blaming her for playing politics with the issue of dialogue and the region’s development.

According to MEND since the time President Buhari met with the initiative of the Pan Niger Delta Forum under the headship of Chief Edwin Clark on November 1, 2016, some top government functionaries in Buhari's goverment had been "arrogantly" making disputable, biased, clashing and opposing proclamations about the issue of discovering enduring peace in the district.

As indicated by the release, “Without prejudice to the pre-2015 Presidential election endorsement freely and voluntarily given to President Muhammadu Buhari on January 6, 2015, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) hereby categorically and unequivocally pass a ‘vote of no confidence’ on the government of President Buhari.

“That prior to and after his reluctant meeting with the traditional rulers, opinion leaders and stakeholders of the Niger Delta region, under the auspices of Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) on November 1, 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari has been carrying on arrogantly and making controversial, prejudicial, conflicting and contradictory statements about the politics and economy of the oil-rich region.”

The announcement deplored that President Buhari has dependably, for reasons best known to him, held the Niger Delta district in hatred “while accusing and/or blackmailing the leadership of the region of not being ready for dialogue whereas it is the Federal Government who are not ready or willing to name a team to dialogue with the people.”

It affirmed that the administration had neglected to respect concessions came to before it consented to report a truce with activists in the locale including the arrival of the Okah siblings and a few other political prisoners and detainees of inner voice under a fabulous misdirection by the present government.

SHOCK: as Assistant Police Commissioner commits suicide in Edo State

Nigerian police

To the family of Christopher Osakue, all may not be well as 2016 ended in a very sad note, following the demise of their son Osakue.

Osakue who was an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) was said to have committed suicide in Benin, the capital of Edo State.

According to the Punch, the late officer, was in charge of training and development at the Edo State Police Command, after he was posted from Ondo State, apparently shot himself on the head on Wednesday with his official pistol while in his residence situated at Upper Sokponba.

In the past, Osakue had suffered from a partial stroke few some years back, was recuperating gradually from it before the sad incident.

Report has it that, late Osakue sent a woman and a little boy living with him a message prior to him shooting himself to death.

According to source, a neighbour heard a gunshot inside his house at about 17:00 hours on the fateful day which was followed by a scary silence that overwhelmed the entire building.

When contacted, the Commissioner of Police, Haliru Gwandu in his explanation confirmed that the pistol in question was apparently signed for at the Ondo State Police command prior to his posting to Edo State. And also described the senior officer’s sad demise as a case of suicide.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Amazing how N100 sent two to early grave in Enugu State

Enugu killings

Bloodbath in Enugu State as Igbos and Fulanis clash in serious battle at the famous Gariki market on Wednesday night, resulting to the untimely death of two persons, are identified as Ali, a Fulani and Ifeanyi an Igbo.

According to eyewitnesses, the fight started as a result of a quarrel over the sum of N100, when late Ali, came to the abattoir situated in the Gariki market to slaughter a cow.

The witnesses stated that the proper place for Ali to slaughter his cow is the New Artisan market abattoir, but decided to choose Gariki market abattoir due to the closure of the New Artisan market by the state government, after a policeman was murdered by a crowd of keke riders.

Though late Ali pad the sum of N400 against the required N500, which angered Ifeanyi, which brought about the quarrel, which turned violent, in the process, Ali brought out a penknife and stabbed late Ifeanyi multiple times in his belly, showing his intestines, thus killing Ifeanyi on the spot.

In a swift retaliation, Ali also met his death when some Igbo traders around got angry at his barbaric act, caught him while running away and executed jungle justice on him.

Furthermore, the angry Igbo traders burnt a mosque situated inside the market, the Hausa/Fulanis go to worship.

But with the quick intervention of the State Police Command, more shops and lives would have been destroyed.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Magistrates’ Court remand two homos3xual suspects for engaging in unnatural affairs.

Homosexuals in Nigeria

It was a bad day for two young guys who engaged in unnatural affairs in one of the cities in Nigeria, as they were caught and handed over to the police, and later charged to court.

Paul Frank aged 31, and Ejimofor Christian aged 22, were on December 28 2016, ordered to be remanded by an Oredo Magistrates’ Court in Benin, for indulging in unnatural offence which attracts a stiff penalty if found guilty.

Frank and Christian are said be levelled with charges related to conspiracy, illegal carnal knowledge and stealing.

According to the Chief Magistrates, Mrs M.C. Ojobo, the suspects should remain in prison custody till their application for bail is looked into in the next sitting of the court on January 4 2017.

Testifying earlier, the Prosecutor O.A. Enebabor informed the court that the offences were committed by the suspects between December 14 and 17, at Boundary Road, in the state capital.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Speaking further, he also made known to the court that a Techno Y6 phone worth N25, 000 was stolen from Solomon Shaibu.

The offences are said to be repugnant to Section 516, 214 (3), 217 (3) and 390 (3) of the criminal Code, yet, the duo did not plead guilty of the offence.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Militants mock President Buhari's peace talks with some Niger Delta leaders, as they blow export pipelines

Avengers wreck more havoc

More confusion for President Buhari, as a yet-to-be recognized militia group in Niger Delta on Tuesday allegedly cut down two noteworthy raw petroleum conveyance lines providing the Trans Forcados Export trunk line in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

Sources in the group told our journalist on Wednesday that the occurrence happened at around 1:40am on Tuesday nearby the Batan community in the Warri South West Local Government Area of the state.

It was learnt that one of the influenced trunk lines had quite recently been repaired after aggressors exploded it before in the year.

The sources included that the conveyance lines started operation four days prior, including that the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company had before closed them down after unremitting assaults from suspected militants in the locale.

Furthermore, a military source affirmed the occurrence and told newsmen the assault happened around 13 kilometers from the Batan Flow Station worked by the NPDC and the Pipelines and Product Marketing Company.

It was learnt that around 2:30pm on Wednesday, technical specialists along with some youths from the area being helped by security work force had not found the correct area were the occurrence happened.

The Chairman of the group, Mr. Dickson Ogugu, while affirming the episode to journalists, stated that an observation group including security organizations, specialists and local people had been sent to the rivers where the occurrence happened.

Ogugu, who denounced the assault, said the reconnaissance group was following the spot through the monstrous spill radiating from the rivers. He also used the opportunity to express displeasure over the occurrence as it had brought about an upsurge of spills in the brooks encompassing the community.

Amazingly, up till now, no militia group has made any claim to regarding the assault.

Recall that about a week ago, two major militant groups operating in the creeks of the Niger Delta region, namely: the Niger Delta Avengers and the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, requested that the NNPC stop further repairs of assaulted platforms or risk an assault on those providing the Forcados Terminal.

While affirming the most recent assault, the Coordinator, Joint Media Campaign Center, Lt.- Col. Olaolu Daudu, said in an announcement, “On Wednesday, November 2, 2016, troops of the Forward Operation Base deployed at Bonny in Rivers State, while on anti-crude oil theft/illegal bunkering patrol, discovered two illegal refinery sites along the Ogbunku Creek and recovered three 40-horse power outboard engines and three pumping machines.

“In another development, troops of the Operation Delta Safe located at Sector 1 in Delta State, while on routine patrol, heard an explosive sound caused by suspected economic saboteurs at the Batan Flow Station around Ekweregbene, Bantan general area. The incidence is, however, being investigated and details will be made available as events unfold.”

Monday, 24 October 2016

Niger Delta Avengers issue strong warning to President Buhari not to dialogue with selfish leaders or ....

Niger Delta Avengers warn Buhari

The federal government of Nigerian has been issued a serious warning by the leadership and members of the militant group, popularly known as the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) not to go into any form of negotiation with selfish leaders in the oil rich region. This is because NDA in their warning stated that the purported leaders of the area only represent their selfish interest and not that of the region as whole.

According to the spokesperson of the NDA, named Col. Rightman Hudson Opukurowari, stressed that any move the government makes to enter into any kind of negotiation with the purported leaders of the region would resisted with immediate effect by the people.

While speaking, Opukurowari stated: “Since we had agreed to suspend bombing oil facilities and enter into genuine dialogue with the government, the administration has not shown any seriousness in talking to the right set of people to move the peace process forward.

“Two months after the ceasefire, it has become clear to the world that this government has not been sincere and serious in meeting the simple demands of the people to put in place a concrete plan of transforming the landscape and giving us any sense of hope despite our critical contribution to the commonwealth of the nation.

“From the way the government is going after we had suspended bombings, it is clear to the world that the Federal Government is not ready to make peace with us as earlier promised and we are under pressure to resume our attacks. It is obvious that the Muhammadu Buhari administration has rather chosen to be nonchalant to the dialogue and has deliberately decided to invite only their political friends for a dinner in the name of dialogue, by their own selective measures, thereby ignoring the chance for real peace and dialogue with the appropriate persons and groups.

“The Government is trying to avoid a holistic approach to addressing the real issues affecting us and finding solutions to them but merely taking time off to engage those we see as “Niger Delta Vultures” sitting in Abuja with their sponsors, taking credit for our genuine agitations.

“We have watched and observed that with the body language of the President and the composition of the so-called dialogue group, no meaningful solution will be proffered unless the government invites all concerned and genuine individuals and groups for the purpose of finding a lasting solution to the crisis in the region.

“We hereby warn that any action taken by the government to provoke us to resume hostilities would be more brutal than before until we enter the promised land.

“We are concerned because these same persons invited for the scheduled dialogue have become Federal Government dialogue contractors and they do not represent the interest of the generality of the people.” 

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Finally, Buhari makes up his mind to meet leaders of the oil and gas rich Niger Delta

Buhari ready to meet Niger Delta leaders

After several months of several military threats to extinct the people of the oil and gas rich Niger Delta as a result of the various agitations which resulted to the emergence of different militia groups. The Buhari led federal government has now decided saw reasons why the carrot approach should be applied as was done by the late Yar’Adua/Jonathan regime.

Thus, the president has scheduled to hold a crucial meeting the leaders of the region, by October 31. During the meeting, the Pan Niger Delta Forum, PNDF, which is a merger of royal father, leaders, groups and stakeholders of the oil rich region was originally scheduled for October 29 but was later rescheduled to October 31 because the first date was Saturday.

The said change in date was established by both the leader of PNDF, former Federal Commissioner for Information, Chief Edwin Clark and Secretary of the Central Working Committee of PNDF, Mr. Ledum Mitee.

According to him, “It was actually a suggestion that the meeting could hold about that date, but having found out that 29 is a Saturday, you know it is not possible to drag the President for such a meeting on that day, the better day is Monday, October 31, so that is date.”

Though Clark had earlier opposed the initial meeting of the Federal Government with Interested party from the oil region, saying it was “contrary to the expectations of well-meaning people.”

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Militants write an open letter to president Buhari

Niger Delta Avengers

The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) has sent President Buhari an open letter stating that it is out improper for a civilian president organise a peace meeting via security operatives.

The letter appears to be a response to what the fighters tagged the president’s “continuous disparaging remarks since the cessation and suspension of hostilities by our fighters for the liberation of the Niger Delta from economic colonialism of Nigeria.

“We are curious of comments like ‘Niger Delta militants objective is to colonize Nigeria economically’ and ‘Niger Delta militants are sponsored by economic looters’ during the Passing Out Parade (POP) of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) 63rd Regular Course,” NDA said in the open letter signed by ‘Brig. Gen’ Mudoch Agbinibo.

It was additionally stated in the said letter that, “You personally issued misleading statements and threats of decisive military action – if necessary – to deal with Niger Delta agitation because you have purportedly opened up channels of talks through security agencies/agents and the Multinational Corporations.

“Mr. President, do democratically elected governments open channels for talks in situations like we have in the Niger Delta through security agencies/agents or you are assuming the Niger Delta as a conquered colony in your 1984 Era?”

The group also conveyed displeasure for Buhari’s continuous reference to the newly launched Ogoni clean up as one of the programme of his administration to rescue the polluted environment.

As usual, the Buhari’s regime does not make any press statement without shifting blame to successive regime, which he was part of as a previous military dictator, but had always exonerated himself and some of his military allies. As it stated that the pollution of Ogoniland was caused by successive governments, adding:”How can you justify Ogoni clean-up and at the same time constitute a Task Force Called “Operations Delta Safe” that is embarking on environmental pollution with the burning and bombing of petroleum products in the guise of fighting oil theft?

“Does that amount to lack of genuine ideas or sincerity?

“Or at least, is there no relationship between environmental pollution and the ongoing indiscriminate burning and bombing of petroleum products by operatives of the so-called Operations Delta Safe?

“Mr. President, basically, some other factors fueling the Niger Delta conflict are corruption engendered by successive government that you served since oil becomes the commonwealth of the nation Nigeria.

“Whilst you start the Ogoni clean-up process, what is wrong in reviewing the Sir Henry Willinks Commission Report of 1958? The Ogoni Bill of Rights, The Kaiama Declaration document of the Ijaw Youths Council, The General Alexander Ogomudia Committee Report, and The Leedum Mitee-led Niger Delta Technical Committee Report?”

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Confusion in Imo State, as three baby kidnappers were burnt alive

Jungle justice in Imo State

Again, another era of jungle justice as the security and the judiciary system of the society seem not to satisfy aggrieved parties in providing the needed security and justice.

Thus, three young fellows met their waterloo on Wednesday as they were set blazed alive by irate youths in Ezelu Okwe in Onuimo Local Government Area of Imo state for professedly kidnapping a recently born baby boy.

A source in the group said the accused met their waterloo when they compellingly took the infant from his mom and were gotten by the young people who gave them a hot pursue.

According to the source, “They kidnapped the baby boy and took to their heels immediately. The traumatised mother raised alarm immediately, which caught the attention of the youths around.

“The youths quickly intervened, caught the three of them and burnt them alive without wasting any time.”
As indicated by the source, the youths dispensed immediate justice on the affirmed child kidnappers in light of the fact that a comparative occurrence had occurred in the area few weeks ago, when ruffians had stolen a child from the mother.

The source said, “The youths were angered by the fact that a baby girl was stolen by suspected human traffickers in the community two weeks ago. So, when they caught these ones, they wasted no time in setting them ablaze.

“This is to serve as a deterrent to others who may want to engage in such inhuman act in future in the community.”

Thus, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Andrew Enwerem, a Deputy Superintendent of Police was contacted to confirm the scenario, the police said however that he had recently gotten the data, the points of interest of the episode were still scrappy, as he was anticipating full subtle elements from the LGA Divisional Police Officer as at the time of recording in this report.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

DRAMA in Umuahia as evil spirit attack and kill commercial s*x workers in a brothel

Prostitutes in Umuahia

Report has it that a famous brothel in located in Umuahia, the Abia State capital in Nigeria was in confusion, when a suspected female commercial s*xworker, together with the body of a young man and other were found in an unconscious state.

Though the real cause of the incident is not clear, but it was gathered from an eye witness that an evil spirit mysteriously attacked and flogged them. Thus making other guests at the brothel to run for their lives as other s*xworkers lodging in the building came out shouting with ‘ghost! ghost! ghost!

But so far, it appears that only the suspected commercial s*x worker and the manager of the brothel died in that mysterious incident.

Sources said that the police was later contacted by Daily Post to confirm the incident as they said “The sad incident happened at 44, Uyo Street, 50-50 Bar at about 8 am yesterday.

“The police, led by the Area Commander, Central Police Station, Umuahia, Onyeke Udeviotu, was at the scene after a concerned citizen raised the alarm and drew the attention of the police.

“We recovered two bodies and six unconscious persons from the building. We took them to the hospital, some are suspected dead but only the doctor can confirm them dead or otherwise.

“Two bodies were that of a young man and a lady while the six the unconscious ones were men. They were picked in separate rooms. About 200 other occupants of the brothel had deserted the place by the time the police arrived the scene.

“The manager (names withheld) of the brothel was among the victims of the mysterious attack.

“The police would go after the owner (a woman) of the brothel,” the PPRO told DAILY POST, adding that the Homicide section of the State Criminal Investigations Department, SCID, had begun investigation into the incident.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

A 'one chance' female robbery leader caught and stripped naked in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt female robber

A woman who said to be the female head of a group of robbers on Thursday was gotten and stripped naked by a furious crowd in Port Harcourt.

Report has it that the lady was the leader with a group popularly known as ‘one-chance-robbers’ that has been threatening the general population of the state for a considerable length of time.

As indicated by an onlooker, the lady was gotten in red-handed along with other members the robbery gang after they had grabbed a sack containing about N2 million from one of their casualties along the Cottage Hospital, Roumubiakani, Port Harcourt.

“After collecting the money from the man, they tried to escape in their operational vehicle but the victim raised the alarm and the crowd managed to block the gang’s escape and captured them.”

However, they were so lucky that the quick intervention of the police came to their rescue.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Military invasion in Gbaramatu community has led to the death of Tompolo's father and other innocent civilians

Tompolo's father dead

Thomas Osen Ekpemupolo, father of ex-Niger Delta militant leader, Government Ekpemupolo, otherwise known as Tompolo, is dead.

The man who was 84-year old had one of his appendages cut off in July after he was supposedly brutalized by fighters in Kurutie, Warri South-West Local Government Area, Delta State.

A source revealed to Vanguard that Pa Thomas passed on in the early hours of Wednesday at Lily Hospital in Warri South local government area, Warri.

Until his demise, he was the Tunteriwei of Gbaramatu kingdom, Warri South-West local government area, with traditional central command in Oporoza.

Responding, the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, said that it got the sad news with stun.

Eric Omare, the IYC representative expressed that The demise is sad and excruciating, particularly considering the way that he passed on affliction from the wounds maintained while running from military frenzy on Kurutie people group, Gbaramatu Kingdom, early this year.

“Indeed, Chief Ekpemupolo is a victim of military unlawful invasion of innocent people and communities of the Niger Delta region in the name of looking for militants. Chief Ekpemupolo has paid the supreme price for the Niger Delta people and cause.

“The IYC sympathizes with the Ekpemupolo family, the Gbaramatu Kingdom and the Ijaw nation on this untimely death. However, the struggle for the betterment of the Niger Delta people continues.”

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Ogun state Permanent Secretary dies a day after she was sworn-in

Olubunmi Odumusi

Just twenty four hours after the Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun swore in fourteen Permanent Secretaries, one of them Mrs. Olubunmi Odumusi has passed on.

Odumusi was stated to have kicked the bucket in her bedroom, while sleeping on midnight of Friday,at the age of 57,after a protracted illness.

According, the woman’s illness had made the family to spend almost all their available resources to ensure she regains back her health both home and abroad.

Odumusi was a pure blood columnist who rose to the rank of a Director at the Ogun State Ministry of information and Strategy, prior to her elevation to the post of Permanent Secretary.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

A new militant group destroys 2 pipelines belonging to NPDC

Pipeline explosion

Despite the rumoured fracas amidst the Niger Delta militants and mechanisms put in place by the Nigerian security agencies, report has it that suspected armed men successfully blew up two pipelines owned by the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) in Delta State yesterday 19 August 2016.

According to sources, a new militant group known as Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate has claimed responsibility for the attack which took place at about 2am

In response to the said attack, NPDC has sent technical team along with some security operatives to assess the areas affected.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Police arrests man for calling his pet Buhari

Pet named Buhari

A 30-year-old trader named Fortemose Chinakwe, who lives in Ogun State has been arrested by security operatives just because he named his pet dog Buhari. The arrest came after his neighbour who is from the Northern part of Nigeria got that the dog was named after his father, Alhaji Buhari.

The case was then reported to the Police Station in Sango, last weekend, thereafter the police left their criminals they were supposed to go after, and went to arrest the young man for such a flimsy bitterness expressed by the complainant.

Consequently, all the efforts of the police to get the dog apprehended as an evidence were futile, as according to sources, the suspect supposedly told some of his acquaintances to secretly kill and may be eat it, in order to avert any implication.

However, appeals by his friends and relations for the police to grant him bail failed as the complainant and his kinsmen reportedly threatened to kill the trader if he was released on bail.

Family members of the suspect who made attempt to get the man on bail were told that the suspect had been transferred to Ogun State Police Command Headquarters located at Eleweran.

Chiedozie who is relative to the suspect narrates how his brother was being treated in such an unjust manner: “Chinakwe is a lover of dogs and he names them after things that tickle him. He bought this dog a year ago and named it Buhari.

“Unfortunately, some Northerners, who dominate the vicinity where he resides misconstrued his intention and connived to take him up. The complainant then claimed it was derogatory because his father answers Buhari.”

Acting Police spokesman in Ogun State, Abimbola Oyeyemi, ASP, has confirmed the incident.

According to the ASP: “The man bought a dog and inscribed Buhari on both sides of its body. One Mallam lodged a complaint and when our men got there, we found out that it was true.

“You know such thing can cause serious breach of the peace and ethnic or religious unrest. We are charging him to court for conduct likely to cause a breach of peace.

“He was arrested last Saturday and we are taking him to court later today (Tuesday) or tomorrow morning (today). You know an average Northerner will feel bad over such a thing. It can cause serious ethnic crisis or religious confrontation because when you are relegating such a name to a certain person, you are indirectly insulting him.”

On the whereabouts of the dog, the police spokesman said: “The dog cannot follow anybody except the owner. We will use him as our evidence because he did not deny it.”

The question one may ask is, why will the Nigerian Police stoop so low to give such a sentimental and trivial complaint such a treatment while the criminals they are supposed to go after smiles home and walk freely on the streets daily even when they know some of them?

The world over, people name their pets with human names and nobody uses any security agency to intimidate anyone, provided your pet does not breach into another’s property.

Nigerian Police, you have a long way to go.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Niger Delta Avengers challenges the Nigeria to meet them in creeks

Militants confront Nigerian Army

Despite the purported division among the members of the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), the militant group has thrown up a daring challenge against the Nigerian military to show up in the creeks for the world to see who is who, instead of sitting in their comfort zone to make threats.

The group’s spokesman, popular known as General Muddoch Aginibo debunked report made by the government that some members of the militant group had been arrested.

While speaking, he said that their camp is intact, and that it was ill-fated for the military to be killing innocent Nigerians from the region in the pretence of looking for NDA members out of frustration.

 “If the Nigeria military is serious about arresting NDA let them come to the creeks of the Niger Delta, that is where we dwell not the city.

“If I (Brigadier General Moduch Agbinibo) were the Commanding Officer NNS Delta (Commodore Joseph Dzunve) and commander of the so-called Operation Delta Safe (Rear Admiral Joseph Okojie), I would have been in the creeks instead of sitting in the comfort of my air-conditioned office,” the statement read.

Agbinibo went further to warn elders in the region to be careful of the antics of the Federal Government, adding that the government was not sincere about any negotiation to end hostilities and bring about the needed development of the region.

“Can you tell the world the government official you have been dialoguing with? Is it the president? Or is any of the committees set up for it? We respect you our elders, as such stop behaving as if the Niger Delta is a seized region and stop acting like you are begging the government for dialogue.

“The worse the government will do is to bombard our villages and towns in the name of looking for NDA. So, our elders should tread carefully with the Nigeria government. The reason behind military harassment of towns and villages in the Niger Delta is because NDA has not confronted the Nigeria military in battle.

”We are not scared in confronting you. The creeks of the Niger Delta belong to us, so defeating the Nigeria military is not hard for us. We have made it clear on many occasions that our business is to cripple the Nigeria economy not to kill military. The Nigeria military should not think we (NDA) avoiding them is a sign of weakness.”