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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Find below some useful information about the application or renewal of a child’s British passport.

British passport application

 Children’s passport varies in many ways from that adult passport in terms of cost it is cheaper to get and also lasts half the time of an adult passport.

For any British citizen to travel abroad, a passport is a must have, thus, parents can file an application for their children’s passport from birth till they are 15 years of age.

Though there is Fast Track service for those needing it urgently, under normal circumstances, it takes only three weeks to get it ready.

For all British nationals residing in the UK, they can either apply, renew or update thier child’s passport online or via post.

Or else parents can collect a paper form from the nearest Post Office and post it or use the Check and Send service.

Children aged 12 or over, will need to complete section six of the form. Also, a counter-signatory will need to sign the form if:

·         they’re aged 11 or under
·         they’ve never had a British passport before
·         they can’t be recognised from the photo in their old passport
·         their old passport has been lost, stolen or damaged

Along with the application form, you’ll have to send in passport photos and identification documents.

The same passport photo rules apply for a child’s passport as to an adult’s. Therefore, the submission of original identification documents is needed as an evidence that the child is indeed a British national e.g. birth certificate.

Meanwhile, a 15 year old child, who is going to be 16 within the next three weeks, must apply for a 10-year adult passport.

But the HM Passport Office advises: “Your child can use their child passport until it expires, even if they’re over 18.”

Finally, the cost of getting a child’s passport if done online or by post is £46, while those using the Post Office Passport Check and Send service, will pay £55.75. Which can be paid by credit card, debit card, cheque or postal order.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Swedish Councillor narrates reasons workers should be given an hour s3x break

Sex break in the ofice

A Swedish councillor has made a proposal which states that people should be given one hour s3x breaks from their various places of work either to go home or hang around the office and enjoy brillian s3x.

The proposal states that taking time to briefly leave your office desk to have s3x would go a long way to relieve office stress, increase focus, and make workers happier – and, as a result, better at their jobs.

At work, that can only be a good thing. Happy workers are productive workers, right?

He said “I get why people might be a little freaked out by the idea of their co-workers running off for a quick bang sesh. But that’s something I reckon we should change.”

“I’m tired of the fact that when we’re at work, we pretend to be work-focused machines that don’t have human needs or a life outside of work.”

“We pretend that we don’t fancy our co-workers, because that would be inappropriate. We pretend we’re not exhausted after getting hardly any sleep. We agree to stay late because we don’t want to admit that actually, while we don’t have concrete plans, we’d quite like to go home and eat a giant bag of tortilla chips in front of the TV.”

“We try to stay as silent as possible when we’re having s3x and our housemates are home. We’re embarrassed of buying condoms. If we’re asked what we did last night, we’d never say that we spent a few hours engaged in some intensely passionate love-making involving a blindfold and The Weeknd playing in the background.”

“For some reason, even when we’re proper adults, we’re still set on pretending that we’re not s3xual beings. Which is really bloody weird.”

We all have s3xual needs. We all do s3xual stuff. Why are we acting like it’s a big secret?

“But even if you’re not on board with my personal mission to make everyone talk about s3x, you should be on board with the concept of s3x breaks.”

Why? Because the way we’re currently working is ruining our lives.
Unless you work in one of those ‘cool’ offices with bean bags and free snacks, you’re probably working in a culture that encourages you to stay late, eat your lunch at your desk, and always be on email alert in case anyone needs anything.

We have a work culture that tells you that the more time you spend at work, the better work you’re probably doing. We’re praised for prioritising work above everything else, given promotions because we’re ‘committed’ and ‘hard-working’ over the person who leaves on time.

This is leaving us stressed, overworked, racked with guilt every time we take a sick day, and spending hours faffing about on the internet when we’ve finished our work because we feel like we can’t leave early.

And it’s wrecking our relationships, because we’re prioritising everything else over fulfilling our romantic and s3xual needs.

S3x breaks are a brilliant idea because they give us permission to pause our focus on work and get back to another side of ourselves: the side that’s s3xual, romantic, and isn’t constantly thinking about hitting targets and ticking off to-do lists.

The ideal, I reckon, is fully flexible working hours that allow us to take breaks whenever we need, get our work done when we feel most capable of doing it, take holidays when we’re feeling overworked, and never feel like we have to ‘show our face’ at the office when we don’t actually have any work that needs to be done.

I get that there are things holding companies back from implementing that ideal.

So maybe the best option for right now is introducing moves like s3x breaks, to force us to switch off from work for an hour and be our best, happiest, non-work selves.

I dream of a working environment where we’re judged on the quality of our work, not how much time we spend at the office.

But while we wait for that, I’m all for giving people permission to have s3x midway through the day.

Let’s start the work revolution with a bang.

Source: Metro, 2017

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Find list of ten countries begging their citizens to have productive s3x

Countries begging their people to have sex

Experts have for many decades explained the importance of s3x, some have even said it has the ability to prevent people from going mad from frustration, it diminishes stress and makes you sleep better. Above all, it is also an important factor in keeping the human race from extinction.

Report has that nations of the world need fertility rate of only two kids per woman to reach what demographers call ‘replacement fertility’ – the rate at which births fill the gaps left by deaths.

Analysts have come out lists of countries that do not meet that rate, and also the various method being employed by their government to encourage their citizens to have more productive s3x.

Find below a list of ten (10) countries begging their citizens with some kind of incentives in order to increase their working population:

The Danes have such a low fertility rate (around 1.73 children per woman) that a national travel company has come up with a series of bribes to get women to have more kids.

First, Spies Rejser offered to provide three years’ worth of baby supplies to couples who conceived on a holiday booked through the company. And now it’s come up with a campaign called ‘Do it for Mom‘ – a video which guilt trips couples into having kids so that their mums don’t miss out on having grandkids.

According to Tech Insider, Russia is experiencing a shitstorm of anti-baby factors. HIV and alcoholism are widespread, women aren’t having kids and men are dying young.

It all got so bad that in 2007, the government declared 12 September the official Day of Conception – where people get the day off for making babies.

Women who give birth exactly nine months later – on 12 June, win a fridge (?!?!?).

We know that Japan is experiencing something of a dry spell. A 2011 survey found that 61% of unmarried men and 49% of women aged 18-34 weren’t in any kind of romantic relationship.

To try and get their young people creating families, scientists came up with Yotaro – a robot baby designed to give people a preview of parenthood. Students at the University of Tsukuba theorised that if young people could see themselves as potential mothers and fathers, they’d be more emotionally ready to settle down.

During communist times, if you weren’t providing future state labourers by having kids, you had to pay instead. There was a 20% income tax for childless couples, and in the 1980s, women were forced to take gynaecological exams to ensure that all pregnancies went to term.

Today, the fertility rate is still rock bottom.

Singapore has the lowest fertility rate in the world, with just 0.81 children per woman.

To deal with the crisis, the government came up with National Night – an event sponsored by the mint company Mentos to encourage couples to ‘let their patriotism explode’.

They’ve also placed a limit on the number of small one beds available to rent to encourage cohabitation, and the government reportedly spends around $1.6 billion on various programmes to get people to have more s3x.

In fact, the government offers cash to people who have more than one child. Parents receive a ‘baby bonus’ of around $4,400 (£2,545) for their first two kids and $5,900 (£3,413) for their third and fourth.

South Korea:
Offices turn off their lights at 7 pm on the third Wednesday of every month – AKA Family Day. Workers are encouraged to get themselves home so that they can enjoy some lights-out action.

While the general population of India is thriving, their Parsis community is slowly dwindling. And that’s lead to a number of questionable ads encouraging people to ‘Be responsible – don’t use a condom tonight’.

Other campaigns have shamed men living at home with lines like ‘Isn’t it time you broke up with your mum?’

Brutal but effective – there were just 61,000 Parsis living in the country in 2001, and at the last census, there were 69,000.

You wouldn’t think somewhere as passionate as Italy would have a sex drought, but their fertility rate is below the European average.

So, the Italy has started running campaigns to remind Italians that time stands still for no (wo)man.

Lines include: ‘Beauty knows no age, fertility does,’ and ‘Get going! Don’t wait for the stork’.

Hong Kong:
Inspired by Singapour, Hong Kong started giving out cash to couples to try and encourage them to have kids.

Alas, the plan never quite took off.

As employment rates are rising, fertility rates are dropping. Half of young people are out of work. And to combat the trend, the Spanish government have hired a special commissioner to try and reverse them.

Monday, 6 March 2017

SHOCKER: As a 96-year-old man narrates how he lived as a gay for 95 years without anyone knowing

Man 96 who live as a gay for 95 years

How it surprising it is to see a 95-year-old great-grand father who has been married for 67 years coming to the media to tell the world how became a gay when he was just 5-years-old. And how he pretentiously with it for over 90 years of his live.

It was in 2016 Roman decided to make gay life public, as he finally opened up to members of his family, saying there are certain things he wants to let the entire world to be aware of.

Roman, who lives in Los Angeles, explained: "I just told them plain that I was born and I was all my life gay.

"I told them the whole tragedy of my life and then they understood what happened to me.

"Can you imagine 90 years to be in the closet?"

Davey of You Tube then asked Roman if, now that he's out of the closet, he wants to have a boyfriend or companion, and he quickly replied 'yes'.

Does he have a type? Well, no. "I don't care!" he admits. "I don't look at the face, I look at the heart. Somebody to lean against. Somebody who feels the heart ticking - and nobody can do that unless you let them."

And then came an utterly heartbreaking confession.

Terribly, Roman doesn't feel as though he will be able to find a partner at his age - after so many wasted years.

"I'll be very honest about it," says Roman, "I really don't need any either physical or mental connections, I don't need [them].

"But I want to - I want to go to sleep and have somebody close to me, not for any other reason but to be sure that someone cares, you know? That's all."

Roman said to Davey: "For you it's easy to find. For me, I'm too old already. Who needs an old junk?"

He then asked what Davey thought of him and if he had the "right" to come out at this age.

"It's never too late to be your true self," Davey said.

Davey told Mirror Online: "Roman's story is very complex. On one hand, it's the triumphant story of a 95 year old man coming out of the closet - and shedding the weight of a nine-decade secret. That is certainly something worth celebrating!

"On the other hand, Roman's story is also deeply emotional and, at times, quite difficult. At some level, it's the story of lost opportunities

"You can't help but wonder, had the circumstances been different, how Roman's story could have ended differently.

"And you also feel for Roman's wife. While they undoubtedly loved each other in a deep way, both Roman and his wife deserve passion and sexual intimacy. Did they have that despite Roman being gay?

"But despite the story's complexity, Roman's desire to feel the heartbeat of someone who loves him is fundamentally human. It's a simple yearning that drives all of us. In it, we see Roman's humanity. And we see ourselves.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Mother never knew her new-born baby was always crying because he was highly dehydrated and starving to death

New-born dies of starvation

The recent explanation of the mother of a new-born son has revealed how babies could still starve to death, despite being breastfed constantly.

Four days old baby Landon Johnson died of heart attack due to severe dehydration.

This sad incident occurred despite his mum, Jillian, breastfeeding him and seeking the advice of doctors about his constant feeding.

Five years on, she has written about her experiences for blog Fed is Best in the hope that others may learn from them.

She says the best advice she has been given since is to follow breast feeding with a bottle to ensure your baby has eaten enough.

She wrote saying ‘Did you know newborns aren’t supposed to cry all the time?

‘They’re supposed to eat and sleep and dirty their diapers. I had no idea that he was inconsolable because he was starving — literally.’

After stating anxiety over Landon’s continuous feeding and crying, Jillian was told he was latching well and ‘cluster feeding’.

Even though one consultant did mention she may have trouble producing milk because she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), no one suggested supplemented feeding.

.’We took him home … not knowing that after less than 12 hours home with us, he would have gone into cardiac arrest caused by dehydration,’ she continued.

‘When a baby is only on the breast, how do we gauge how much they’re actually getting out? Sure, there should be wet and soiled diapers, and weight checks, right? And where is the limit as to weight loss and a minimum for the diapers changed?’

The newborn was rushed to hospital where an MRI scan showed he had a brain injury from the cardiac arrest.

Fifteen days later the decision was taken to turn his life support off.

‘I realised in my grieving that there could be so many more parents that needed to hear it or talk about it but were never given the opportunity,’ she said.

‘I had the opportunity to get the dialogue started and it needed to be done. I only wish I did it sooner.

‘I’m so grateful knowing there’s a foundation (Fed is Best) dedicated to educating parents on the importance of feeding your newborn – whether supplementing or breastfeeding. I’m pro-feeding. Plain and simple.’

Man 54 raped his 16-year-old daughter just to prove to her that s3x with men (opposite sex) were better than being a gay

Man 54 raped his gay daughter

54-year-old father who was approached by his 16-year-old daughter who confided in him as her dad to disclose to him about how she has been battling with her identity, but got raped by the same father who failed to control has temper as he raped her just to prove to her that s3x with men (opposite sex) was far more better than being a gay.

It was also revealed that the same father had in the past raped his other daughter during 20 years of s3xual exploitation. And has been now been handed a 21-year prison term after he found guilty of three rapes during the 1980s and 1990s.

Judge Andrew Lockhart QC told the brute: “The court heard from both of these two women. They have both been severely psychologically damaged by your behaviour.

“Listening to [one of the victim’s] evidence of her feeling of guilt at leaving her sister to face you was the most harrowing of evidence.”

The father had pleaded not guilty at Warwick Crown Court to nine charges of indecent assault, one of indecency with a child and three of rape. But was however convicted of charges levelled against him.

It all started with s3xual cruelty of one daughter and, after she left home, moved on to abusing the other daughter.

The judge told the defendant he had committed serious s3xual offences against his daughters for 21 years.

He described how the older girl had been groomed from the age of 11.

“It affected her greatly," he said. "She left the home, and she thought her sister would be safe, because she thought you would never touch (her) in the same way.

“But you groomed your [other] daughter in the same way and began assaults on her.

“As a 16-year-old girl she realised she was gay and, struggling with her identity as many people do at that age, she decided to tell you.

“You reacted by showing real and uncontrolled anger, and you decided to rape her to show her why it would be better to have sex with men than women. Her evidence made harrowing listening.

“That rape involved degradation and humiliation. The offence demonstrated your hostility towards her as a lesbian.”

Speaking after the sentencing hearing, an NSPCC spokesman said: “The victims in this horrific case have shown incredible courage to speak out and ensure this evil abuser is brought to justice.

“It is vital they now receive the support they need to attempt to move forward with their lives.

“This case shows that survivors of abuse will be listened to, no matter how long ago it happened or who the abuser was. They do not need to suffer in silence.

Friday, 3 March 2017

It will interest you to read how a girlfriend accidentally sent a text meant for another boy to her own boyfriend

Jordan girlfriend's text

How interest it is to hear how a young girl named Zoe personally exposed her infidelity to her boyfriend after she mistakenly sent a text she intended sending to another guy to her boyfriend Jordan McNelly.

She exposed her unfaithfulness to him when she accidentally asked her boyfriend to give her some advice with respect to her promiscuous lifestyle. Zoe had 'double-booked' herself and didn't know what to do.

Jordan shamed his girlfriend Zoe after he received the message, who hasn't actually been fully identified – on Twitter, by posting a screenshot of her missive.

“When you accidentally tell your boyfriend you’re cheating on him #2yearswithah**”.

Zoe's full message reads: “I’m literally so anxious right now…

“I’ve been seeing this guy behind Jordan’s back and we had really important plans TOMMORROW Bc (because) Jordan was supposed to be at work.

“And then he (Jordan) texts me and says I don’t have work TOMMORROW and I don’t wanna let my other guy down.

“And I told him and he was like ‘I new you wouldn’t come’ and I feel so bad BC I’m letting them both down BC I’m a stupid w**** .

“And I’m so sad and I already waxed my entire f***ing body to f*** this dude HELP”.

Jordan saw an influx of support after posting the conversation. He added that he's been "working a 60-hour week" so that he and Zoe could go on holiday to Florida together.

"But she's f****** another dude", he added.

As well as all the support, Twitter users tried to track Zoe down. People aren't all that pleased with her blunder – or what she's been up to.

On the other hand one user, 'Zoe Friedal 78', has been mistakenly identified as Jordan's other half. She's suffered a tirade of abuse on Twitter.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Amazing as couple born same day, same hospital, same ward, went to same school reunite via Facebook and got married after 50 years

Couple born same day

Indeed Facebook is the social media of the century for its ingenuity in uniting and reuniting friends, and families whom hitherto may have been possible.

The latest of such is a couple that were born on the same day, at the same hospital, same ward became husband and wife after being hooked up again via Facebook after 50 years.

According to report, Alison Blackwell and James Hodges were both born just metres apart at the Berkeley Hospital in Gloucestershire in 1967.

The pair were in the same class at Cam Hopton Primary School but lost contact after James moved school when he turned eight. But with the help of Facebook, almost five decades later, the pair managed to reconnect using Friends Reunited after James sent a light-hearted message asking Alison the date of her birthday in 2012.

Alison said: ‘He said hi and asked me when my birthday was – obviously knowing full well when it was. We arranged to meet a few days after Christmas and then started seeing each other soon after.

‘We’ve been together ever since.’

Alison’s mother Isabel Denning gave birth on the same day as James’ mother Linda Hodges, on February 3, 1967, before she passed away eight years later.

After his dad remarried due to the death of his mother, wool machinist James moved away, and they occasionally bumped into each other a few times over the years, politely saying hello.

Alison, a mother-of-two, got married when she was 21, but divorced ten years later.

She said: ‘People say it’s destiny that we ended up together because we have so many connections. It is absolutely destined to be.

‘James hasn’t stopped grinning since the wedding.’

James burst the question in September 2015 while the pair were on holiday in Devon and they married at Cam Methodist Church on February 4.

To add more colour to the touching wedding ceremony, their teacher presented them with an old class photo.

James said: ‘People ask when we met and when we say “on the day we were born”, they are shocked.’

‘We could have been in beds next to each other – we really don’t know,’ Alison added.

They both joined Cam Hopton Primary School in Dursley, Gloucestershire, at the age of four, and Alison said her first memory of James is his ’round faced little boy’.

She also said: ‘I remember him being in my class and being aware that his mum had died. I remember feeling really sorry for him and not imagining what it would be like.’

James added: ‘I just remember her really kind smile. That always stayed with me – and it’s still the same today. So many people have said to us how crazy they think our story is.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Court of Appeal denies heterosexual couple right to civil partnership

Heterosexual couple loses appeal

Amazing as heterosexual couple who have a 20-month-old daughter were denied right to go into civil partnership following a ruling given by the Court of Appeal.

The government refused them to get into civil partnership because, it was argued that the Civil Partnership Act 2004 only allows same-sex couples such rights. It was argued during the legal battle that the position of the Government’s is not compatible with equality law

According to sources, Rebecca Steinfeld, 35, and Charles Keidan, 40, opposed to the "patriarchal baggage" of "the institution of marriage" and wanted to ensure legal recognition of their seven-year relationship through a civil partnership.

Karon Monaghan QC told the Court of Appeals: "They wish very much - and it is of very considerable importance to them - to enter into a legally regulated relationship which does not carry with it patriarchal baggage, which many consider comes with the institution of marriage."

However when asked, Dan Squires QC stated that a decision was taken - after two public consultations and debate in Parliament - not to extend civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples, abolish them or phase them out. Saying that it was decided to see the effect of extending marriage to same-sex couples on civil partnerships before making a final decision.

They argued a reversal would be disruptive, unnecessary and extremely expensive.

He described the judge's decision as "unimpeachable".s

Monday, 20 February 2017

Imagine how police raid made a man to discover that his wife is a high class prostitute after watching her on TV

Man discovers his wife is a prostitute

After a police raid in a brothel which was aired on TV, a man found out that the woman whom he thought was his wife, was actually a prostitute as she was among the people arrested by the police

According to Igor Alexeev, he never knew that the woman he married as a wife was a commercial sex hawker, but got to realize know that after watching the police raid in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia.

As a result, the husband went into further investigation online to confirm what his supposed wife was really into, and discovered that his wife’s name was among those listed for different s3xual services. And charges between 15,000 RUB which is equivalent to £200 each night.

Having got more information about her, he proceeded to the court to get an order to stop her from having any contact with their 6-year-old daughter, as he is of the opinion that she would be damaged emotionally if she later find out the truth.

He currently has legal custody of the child after separating from his wife of eight years.

However, Maria is fighting back and ostensibly said her husband had not been able to provide the financial needs of the family so she was forced to become a prostitute.

Mrs Alexeev faces criminal charges following the raid.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

A Brazilian woman stripped naked a lady she caught sleeping with her husband and marched her on the street

Wife strip woman who slept with her hubby

A popular adage has it that “every day for the thief, one day for the owner”.

A furious woman whose anger could be put under control went too far to revenge the infidelity of her husband in Brazil after she caught the man with a far younger model Cubatao, Sao Paulo, Brazil, as she paraded the young lady through the street while holding on to her hair.

As if that was not enough, she also went as far as using a razor to cut off the lady’s hair and ripped off her clothes in the public. And spent several time to march the young lady through the streets completely naked, just to ensure, she is fully traumatised for life.

To cap it all, she proceeded to social media to announce the awful development.

She wrote:

“I do not give a damn what they think or stop thinking.

I’ll show you how you deal with the traitors of a married man. I just got this sl*t with my husband, ex-husband from today.”

Later on, the husband of the furious woman went out to extend some helping hands to the traumatised lady by finding her clothes.

However, despite all what happened, the shamed woman told police she believed the man was single and they’d been together for five months.

Thus the furious woman who attacked her has been charged on suspicion of threat, injury, defamation, intolerance, violence and torture.

If found guilty, the Sun reports she could spend ten years in jail for the brutality of her assault she inflicted upon her victim.

Friday, 17 February 2017

In order to keep his relationship, man 27 allowed his girlfriend to have affairs with other men, while he is not allowed to do same to other women

Man allows his girlfriend to sleep with other men

With what is happening to the institution of marriage and relationship, one wonders if some people really understand what they are actually going into before venturing into it, or they are just in it because others are in it and want to show off that they too can have one.

What we all understand about two people going into a relationship is to remain faithfully committed to each other both in the good and bad times, but in today’s world, that is idea is being put aside, as different couples do it in their own way, even when it is repugnant to the primary idea of a relationship.

This is the case between Beatrice Gibbs and her boyfriend Adam Gillet aged 22 and 27 respectively. The duo have gone into an agreement where Beatrice is allowed to have multiple partners than Adam in order to save their relationship.

Adam went into an agreement with his girlfriend allowing her to have intercourse with as many men as she can just to keep her in his life, while he is not to remain faithful to her, as she does not want him to have anything to do with any other girl other than herself. An agreement which sources said was reached barely a month into their relationship.

They both met on an Oxford pub crawl in February 2014 and passed that night together, and never met again until April 2015, and finally began their dating.

However it was later explained by Beatrice how she had made several efforts to quit the relationship few weeks after she realised how unfaithful she would be to Adam.

Beatrice told the Sun that "I didn’t want to hurt him by going behind his back with someone else."

But Adam so loved her that he was not willing to give up that easily and brought up a novel idea to make their relationship work.

“He was devastated and suggested we stay together but I could sleep with other people, as long as I told him who and when."

Surprisingly, after some kind of early anxiety, they decided to give it a try, and after about one and half year, they are still going on well with the special arrangement.

Thus, Beatrice tagged it the "perfect situation", being able to have a stable relationship and at the same time have fun on the side.

Unfortunately for Adam he is not allowed to sleep with other women as he knows his partner wouldn't be happy about it and it could break them up.

And Beatrice admitted that she "couldn't handle it" if Adam did the same thing to her, saying she would "hate it".

But the question being asked is, does she feel guilty about the deal? Well, no.

Though she accepted the fact that sometimes she feels a bit bad the morning after sleeping with someone else, but then things quickly get back to normal after a cuddle and a chat.

"I’m happy for her to enjoy herself," he said. "I’m not really interested in chasing other women and I know if I did then Beatrice wouldn’t be happy about it."

Beatrice also said that she hasn't really shared the arrangement with her family and Adam says some of his friends think it's odd.

Adam said it "takes the worry" away about his girlfriend cheating on him, adding: "If I let her sleep with other people she comes back to me."

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

INDIA: 22 HIV positive children adopted by Rajib Thomas and are living with him, wife and two biological children

Indian man who adopted HIV positive children

About 22 HIV infected children who were abandoned by their parents have adopted by an Indian man named Rajib Thomas aka Papa Reji and has been caring for their well-being for about 10 years now.

The 44-year-old philanthropist lives with all the children, wife and two biological children in house. They all live happily as his wife happily in charge of cooking for all the children, while he takes care of their education and healthcare needs

‘It was the year 2007 when I met an HIV-positive girl outside a hospital and she asked me to get some noodles for her,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t get it that day but promised to come back again.

‘The next day when I went there, I got to know that the girl was no more. I was devastated after hearing the news, so it was then that I thought of doing something for these children.’

The incident later made Papa Reji to consult an HIV/AIDS expert Divya Mithale of his intention to adopt for him to take in two abandoned babies.

‘In 2009, I rented a bigger space for my wife and two children, and my other two HIV-positive newborns,’ he said.

‘Initially it was tough to make ends meet, but we survived the hardships by giving up comfort and helping the children.

‘Gradually people started donating mattresses, food and money when they saw us working for these children.

‘My family of four slowly expanded to 24, as more and more children with HIV were sent to me from different hospitals.’

Mini added: ‘We make sure that none of the children feel left out at home. We scold all of them as much we love them.

‘We celebrate their birthdays here and take immediate care when someone falls sick.’

Papa Reji is visibly proud of his ever-growing family, and says they have become his life’s purpose.

‘These children all call me Papa and it is the duty of a father to protect his children,’ he said. ‘So I am not doing anything extraordinary – just taking care of my children.’

Boyfriend exposes himself to his partner after he erroneously posted on Burger King website as one cheating

Cheating at Burger King

Boy’s casual comment on social media stirs his girlfriend’s anger. The comment was all about a picture which was posted by Burger King, saying he had previously been with a different girl. Though the whole scenario was misunderstood by his girlfriend.

Posting a comment on a photo published by Burger King, Instagram user @jordan_vonsmith86 complained about the fast food giant's service, saying: "My girl legit took 20 minutes ordering in the drive thru last night, those whoppers were worth it tho lol"

An apparently blameless comment. Nevertheless then came another comment... seemingly from his girlfriend.

She wrote asking "Umm excuse me @jordan_vonsmith86??? I don't recall going last night or ever liking Burger King who you are talking about?

Situation got worse, when @kitcass01 also expressed her unhappy state with him, saying "please don't bring me into this", she commented.

Yet that did not excuse her from the whole messy situation, it didn't, as Jordan's girlfriend took it upon herself to reply: "F*** you, you brought yourself into this you fat b****."

The situation then made Shanlee to tag some of her friends to make their input, as they said he had been spotted with different girls in the past.

Thus, Instagram users are logging on to Burger King's Instagram account just to witness how the argument turned out, but they appear to have been deleted - much to their disappointment.

aminebattas wrote: "Where are the comments of the couple fighting lol i wanna know what happened later"

vicarondo was totally honest, commenting: "Whose (sic) only here because they've read about the couple breaking up on here somewhere."

Of course, some people are cynical and think the two accounts have been created by Burger King to generate publicity.

ggomez_89 commented: "Burger king making up bullshit stories for publicity. The couples accounts are faker than the meat in your burgers."

Thursday, 9 February 2017

This woman tried to cut off her ex-husband’s intestines after four-hour of marathon s3x

Ex-wife cuts husband's intestine

Man 31 tells court how his former wife (dayla Saeed) aged 35 attempted to disembowel him after they both had a 4 hour marathon sex session with a knife in a bid to destroy his intestines.

The court was also told that the husband (Mr Miah’) small bowel was disengaged from other members of his body thrown on the carpet in the bedroom.

After the man narrated his ordeal to the court, and how he desperately made some efforts to push back his entrails into his belly, but the woman debunked all the accusations levelled against her, at a Crown Court in Birmingham.

Giving evidence, Mr Miah added: ‘suddenly in the blink of an eye, and I didn’t see the knife, she stabbed me twice in the belly.

‘I can only assume the knife came from either under the bed or the pocket of her dressing gown.

‘My intestines were out, everything was out and she was grabbing hold of them, trying to pull them.

‘She broke one of them and threw it onto the floor but I managed to put the rest of them back in my belly.’

He went further to tell the court how he tried to run out his flat, yet the ex-wife still pursued him to the road, as she used a wooden object to attack him.

He however became lucky when neighbours sighted him at about 3am by a doorway as he was screaming, and called the police.

According to Prosecutor Adam Western: ‘The cuts were so severe part of his small bowel ended up on the carpet.

‘She caused his injuries. Her intention was nothing less than to kill him.’

Though Mr Miah on his part accepted during cross-examination by her barrister Patrick Upward QC that he had been physically and verbally abusive towards her during their two-year Islamic marriage.

The jury also heard ex couples had been at risk of being deported as illegal immigrants.

Mr Miah first came into Britain in 2010 as a student, but was tagged as an illegal immigrant after dropping out of college, while his ex-wife was granted asylum in 2012.

The court heard Mr Miah spent four months in a detention centre in 2012 but was allowed to stay because he has a child in the UK.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

ARKANSAS: New law empowers rapists to sue their victims if they make any attempt to abort the baby

Abortion law in Arkansas

Wonders shall never end as the US state of Arkansas passes a law empowering rapists to sue their victims if they make any attempt to abort their baby.

The new law is expected to take place sometime during spring, will make family members to stop a lady’s termination by suing the abortion provider.

However the worrying part of the coming law is that it does not include any exception to matrimonial rape nor incest – which means, the supposed father of the foetus can sue the woman even if she was being raped.

Speaking on the issue, Arkansas representative Andy Mayberry, who is also a signatory to the Arkansas Act 45, journalists that though the baby’s father (rapist) would be able to stop the process, they the law would not allow them to claim any monetary compensations for damages caused in rape or incest cases.

‘There is zero part of me that understands why a rapist or someone who got pregnant against their will, maybe incest, would have any right in that decision,’ Karen Musick, co-founder of Arkansas’s Abortion Support Network, told the Beast.

‘I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that there would be anyone who thinks otherwise.’

Act 45 also bans dilation and evacuation procedures – the safest and most common procedure carried out during the second trimester of pregnancy, being used in around 95% of cases.
Now, using the D&E procedure could be punishable by a $10,000 (£8,006) fine or six years in prison.

This effectively blocks abortions after the 14-week mark, as it has criminalised the safest procedure.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Woman forced to squeeze her breast by an airport official

Woman forced to squeeze her breast

A 33-year-old mum named Gayathiri Boss who is currently breastfeeding her baby narrates how airport officials forced her to squeeze her breast to prove she is actually a breastfeeding mum. The lady flew from Singapore to Europe with her breast pump.

In any case, she says that when she touched base at Frankfurt Airport, security staff seemed suspicious, asking where her infant was whether it truly was a breast pump.

According to Ms Bose she was taken into a side room by an authority and addressed concerning why her youngsters, aged 3 and 7 months, weren't on the flight with her.

‘She asked me to open up my blouse and show her my breast,’ she told the BBC. ‘She then asked how come I didn’t have anything attached to my breast, if I was lactating and expressing breastmilk,” said Ms Bose.

‘And I said, there is no such thing that is [permanently] attached, we usually place the pump to our nipple and the machine does the job.

'She wanted me to show her by hand-expressing a bit.'

She did what she was asked in light of the fact that she said she 'didn't know what might transpire on the off chance that they chose to raise hell for me', and she expected to get on a connecting flight to Paris.

In any case, she said the experience was "humiliating" and left her in tears, and that she would look for lawful guidance.

Christian Altenhofen, from the government police unit at the airplane terminal, told the BBC he couldn't remark on the particular episode.

In any case, he said these sorts of tests for a breastfeeding mother are unmistakably excluded in standard practice.

However he said 'On the off chance that a speculated hazardous is recognized at an air wellbeing control point, the things and the individual must be sought,'.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

A single mum of 8 says she can no longer cope with £500 benefit, saying the children may end up roaming on the street.

Single mother of eight

Hardship knocking on the door of a single mother of 8 who said the £2000 being given to her by the government is not enough for her to provide the needs of the family.

The 31-year-old mother whose children are aged between 12 years to 2 months lives in a three-bedroom housing association house in Selly Oak, Birmingham has lamented that the house is too small for them to live in, and has put an application for a bigger house.

Marie Buchan also stated that her benefits have been reduce to £500 from £582 per week as a result of the benefit cap introduced by the government, as a result, she has been struggling to survive with her children.

Due to the hardship she faces, the Miss Buchan now owes her landlord about £2000, and is being worried that she may likely be evicted because of her inability to pay the outstanding rents.

She stated: 'The benefit cap has hit me hard - money is very tight.  I am £82-a-week worse off and, when you have eight children, every penny counts.

'I don’t waste my money - everything goes on my children. It is tough bringing up eight children on your own, a constant battle.

'I feel the threat of eviction all the time. I have already been to court once due to rent arrears and I fear I may be dragged there again.

'I am scrimping and saving to try to get the arrears down but it is very difficult.'

Miss Buchan's monetary issues are intensified by the way that she owes £600 in bus path fines subsequent to getting ten tickets for straying in bus paths in Birmingham downtown area in three days.

She says she was gotten in bus paths while searching for a parking spot when taking her child, Olivia, to hospital for treatment for bronchiolitis.

Miss Buchan, an occupant of Bourneville Village Trust in the south-west of Birmingham, used to get £385 seven days in child tax credit, £100 child benefit and £97 pay income support.

Be that as it may, the benefit cap, presented recently by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to lessen the weight on the state, restricted her handouts to £500 seven days.

Miss Buchan, whose association with her previous partner and father of every one of her kids finished for the current year, has youngsters Tia, 12, Leah, 11, Latoya, 8, Joshua, 7, Alisha, 5, Mikayla, 3, Amelia, 2, and two-month-old Olivia.

She lays down with three of her kids in one room of her £200,000 semi, while another four share a moment room and Joshua has the third to himself.

Miss Buchan placed on the waiting list for about 4 bedroom house, but was deleted from the list when she fell short of her current rent.

A DWP representative stated: 'The benefit cap sets a fair limit to what people can expect to get from the welfare system.

'Claimants cannot receive more than £500 a week, the average household earnings.

'We have been working with claimants for 18 months to help them prepare for the cap.

'Already 18,000 people potentially affected have been helped into work, as those receiving working tax credits are exempt.'

Bournville Village Trust representative stated: 'It is normal policy for social housing landlords not to transfer households to larger properties when there are rent arrears, especially of this level.'

Friday, 20 January 2017

PERFECT LOVE: pregnant woman chose to die in order to save her unborn child when asked to choose between her life and the baby’s

Mother's love

A world full of various individuals with different orientations. While some mothers gruesomely kill their babies in collaboration with their lovers, some good mums do everything humanly possible to save their children born/unborn.

There ought to never be questions about a mother's adoration for her kid. A mother is tender, kind and willing to relinquish anything for her child/children.

In a benevolent demonstration, a mother from Aurora, Colorado, settled on a choice amid labour that put the life of her unborn child before her own. The mother of Declan Jay Bugal passed away not long after bringing forth what specialists at the Medical Center of Aurora depicted as a 7-pound wonder.

While in labour, specialists found that Karisa Bugal had an uncommon condition called amniotic liquid embolism.

“The amniotic fluids surrounding the baby or part of the baby’s skin or hair gets into the mother’s bloodstream and that causes catastrophic shutdown of all the organs,” Dr. Kelly Gerow said. “We don’t know how to prevent it. We don’t know how to keep it from happening at all.”

Unfortunately, medical specialists clarified that around 1 – 12 moms in each 100,000 conveyances have amniotic liquid embolism. The condition is rare to the point that the condition itself hasn't been broadly contemplated. The discouraging truth about this condition is that most moms who create it don't survive.

After therapeutic staff educated Bugal about the threats of her condition, she had two choices: experience surgery that could spare her life yet imperil Declan (whose heart rate had started to plunge), or get a Cesarean area to spare her unborn infant's life yet put her own particular at hazard.

Though the decision was hard for Bugal, however she did what she believed was correct. Bugal picked the second choice — a choice that a couple of hours after the fact brought about her passing.

“Around 7:30 a.m. is when they came in and rushed her back to the delivery room for an emergency c-section,” said Wes Bugal, Karisa’s husband. “That was about the last time I saw her.

Words can't portray the awfulness the family was experiencing. Wes said he didn't know how he would bring up the two children without his significant other, however he would oversee by one means or another.

Wes says the hardest part is disclosing to the kids what happened to the mother. “How do I explain to him that his mom is gone giving birth to him? I think about that all the time,” Wes Bugal said. “How do I explain when he asks where’s mommy?”

An enthusiastic anecdote about a mother making a definitive give up for her kid. Despite the fact that we never knew Karisa by and by, her activities portrayed the kind of individual she was. A man who looked after her kids more than anything.